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Hi, I'm BB,
Well that's what my friends call me; only my wife, my boss, and the IRS use my given name.

I moderate Goddess Tarots on Yahoo Groups; and maintain the GTS Home Page On this site. So you'll find quite a large Tarot Section here; and linked to that some of my own thoughts on Comparative Religion. As a Pagan I feel it's really important to get out into nature, and connect with her directly; rather than just appreciate her from a distance. So I get out Hiking a Good Bit, recently I have posted several pages of Pictures that I have brought back from my walks these last Two Years. If you take a movement, I feel you'll find I've captured some moments of real beauty. For me though the Photo is never the Finished thing, it's just a moment captured for later sketching. I have drawn for most of my adult life and I have also added a sketch book to the Website, along with a Fan Appreciation Site, exploring the works of Artists I admire. For the last few years this website has been my major vehicle for self expression, you'll find quite a bit here if you poke around. I hope you do! I write all my own code by hand, and so can you. Anyhow, welcome to my home in Cyberspace; I do hope you enjoy your stay.

Tarot Home

My approach to reading has always been that of a Story Teller, I look at a spread of cards and tell you the story they convey to me; and my Q's very often find that story is their own; often in quite surprising detail. I have done over 500 readings; I have read for good friends and total strangers, in person and online; and for one lovely woman who is a well known author today.

The Card you see to the left is the Princess of Swords, from the Gendron Tarot, stumbling upon this deck was the Happiest "Accident" of my life; it has opened doors for me I never imagined were there, and sparked a spiritual re-awakening I would not have thought possible a few years ago. I have been reading and studying Tarot rather intensely now for the last 6 years, and because I returned to the Tarot in my 40's I have been able to ground my readings in the long experience of a rather un-sheltered life. I believe this combination has given me both a unique perspective and something of value to share with you. I hope you will accept this gift.

The Golden Age is a Distant Memory, The Silver Age is Fading, and the Iron Age Dawns. The Men of the Iron Age, the Chattii, are spilling out of their cradles and claiming dominion over all Mura. To the Murian, the Daughters of the Silver Age, one small woodland remains. A Garden begun by Horus and entrusted to the Ara at the dawn of their time. One place where the Ara; their Goddess Queen; still walks the world made flesh. One place to Laugh, Love, Raise Children. A place called Sacred Anar.

Since I was a boy my writing and my spirituality have always informed one another. My first stories, told as a boy, in a man's voice were frankly drivel, but when I began writing in a woman's voice; oh the stories just came. Sometimes they flow like Milk and Honey, sometimes they seize me by the throat and will not let go till they are told, but always they are intimate stories, the stories of women at this unique moment in time. In The Daughters of Kur, the destinies of a Vampire Goddess and a Young Girl become entwined, and the foundations of the world will shake before their tale is fully told. In Pandora's lessons, we ride beside Pandora, with the Ara, to the First Tree, and learn of the rebirth of the world, and ways of Sacred Anar. In Pandora's Letters we follow Pandora to Untermund there we bare her witness as she comes of age, and meets her destiny in the lands of the Chattii.

Sketch Book,
This is Peachie, she is a dear friend, and her Portrait happens to be one of the best pieces of work I have done in the last 2 years. I am quite happy with it; it is not as good as work I might have done 5 years ago, but I am only now starting to rebuild my skills, and this work shows real progress on my road back. I do hope you will take a few moments page through my sketch book, and my photo's. :) Still, I would be very much flattering myself if I left you of the opinion I consider myself an artist. I am not, I am a Draughtsmen, which implies an interest and a certain level of technical skill. I know the difference because my daughter happens to be an Artist, click here and see for yourself; I have no doubt you will be amazed really.

Through most of the 90's I worked in a "minority-majority" workplace, almost half of my coworkers where Latino's I came away from that experience with a deep appreciation of the people, the culture, and mostly the music. I simply love, "Latin Pop" what I love most is the Passion, songs that are still very much about being deeply, truly, madly in love. It is simply true in fact that if I am listening to music, I am likely listening to one of the artists presented here.

Thalia Odalys Pilar Lucero Sharika

If you explore my site, your find lots of images of Women; From the Goddess, to the Girl at the Coffee Shop. I am unapologetically Dianic. I think that Woman is pinnacle of Evolution in this world. Each Woman a Self Portrait of the Great Goddess, I call Momma-Ki, and I think of Goddess as the truest expression of Deity we know. So I have a point of View, and I hope it does not offend you, but here you are my Guest, and as my guest I ask you to be at least tolerant of that point of view.