Hi All,

My reply to Guin's got me thinking. I know this is way off topic, but I thought I might as well post a few thoughts.

"Extra-Ordinary Claims, require Extra-ordinary Evidence." Carl Sagan; And Honestly Carl was right, only a fool would insist on miraculous explanation for something that had a perfectly workable mundane answer. The glitch is Extra-Ordinary Evidence requires at least a sensible answer.

The problem is that's not really state of Affairs in the world today. If we are honest with ourselves we have to admit that there existed in the Ancient world either a culture, or multiple cultures, that had mastered the Art of Building in stone to an extent that we cannot yet approach today.

Its not that we have 3 inexplicable Pyramids on the Giza Plain, the just happen to laid out in a manner that mirrors the Constellation of Orion, as seen from the Air.

Or that the Temple of the Sun, and Temple of the Moon at Machu Picchu are aligned perfectly to the setting Solstice Sun.

Or 600 Ton Stones in the retaining wall at Baalbek, holding a 5,000,000 Square foot construction in place.

Mountain Top temples in Asia constructed from stones as much as twice the size of those used in the Great Pyramid.

Of course I know I am preaching to the Choir here to an extent, but my point is if we take a step back from the reductionist point of view that attempts to explain away these anomalies one at a time. We cannot help but notice, we live in a world full of anomalies. Yet IMHO these Anolomolies become less anomolious, if we admit the possiblity that we are not in fact the greatest thing since sliced bread.

If we consider that Europe is dotted with half built catherdrals because the economic strain of building them basically bankrupted the continent, it rather begs the Question. However devout the Epyptians may have been, how did they unwrite the manhours it took to build the Pryamids. Now it seems to me that this is a line of inquiry worth examination. I feel it would demonstrate the Egyptions must have had access that seriously eased the use/ transportation of stone. Or, they where drawing on the resources of a much larger economy than the traditional Paradigm allows. Ie either way you cook it, we have the Extra-ordinary evidence, and people are slowly chipping away at the old Paradigm.

What is lacking, is the Wooden Stake to be driven into the beasts heart. We honestly dont know how they accomplished this marvel of Engineering, we only know they very clearly accomplished the Marvelious. Opening the door for a circus of speculation, that I very much enjoy. Ironically leaving only the convential explaination the most absurd.

I honestly do believe that there is a better chance that Ancient Astronouts built the Pryamids or Baalbek, than chaingangs of guys hauling on ropes, and rollers. If there are tree's in the region that would have made acceptable rollers and not just been crushed to splinters under the wieght. Or Machu Picchu was built by people who had yet to invent the wheel?