Astrology works, it simply does. I know you have been told it doesn't, its certainly not supposed to given the dominate paradigm, but it does and its not likely to stop working any time soon to accomadate the Scientistic Establishment. :)

I would ask you to entertain for your own self the following:

  • It is simply true that only a person of above average intelligence could do the mathematics required to draw up an accurate Natal Chart (Horoscope.) by hand.
  • Astrology has been with us approximately 5000 years, and only very recently did computers make it possible for people like me to draw up a reasonablly accurate chart.
  • So why did all these bright people keep something alive for 5000 years, if it don't grow corn? Of course my anwser is it does, figuratively and literally. ;)

The bottom line is to get the most out of reading this little blog, you may need to refer to the key to astrological symbols provided below. This key comes from The Mountain Astrologer. A lovely little magazine with great content, and a great place to shop for a councelor if my little entry's should peak your interest. Ama tu ANKI, BB.