The Ama

On the one hand you all know what it is, its my signature line. Ama tu ANKI. or more specifically. Ama tU AnKI. If you work with these few words as a Mantra, I'm quite sure, based on my own experience that you will discover they contain some very real power. When I say them I very often touch my brow, my lips, my heart. Symbolically saying In my thoughts, On my Lips, and In my Heart, Mother of Heaven and Earth.

What I have discovered in the last few months, Since June Really, is the tremendous increase in the power of this Mantra when sung. Now I do believe most anyone familiar with Mantra's would have anticipated that fact, but I simply do not sing. My voice has the soothing effect of a trains brakes futilely trying to restrain the Iron Beast moments before a wreck. So I have sung nothing since 8th grade.

Yet walking through the park in the rain last June, and in my mind Walking beside Ara through Anar, I could not help but sing along with her. Since I have become reasonably comfortable with singing the Ama. I have done it at the store, in the park and many nights before bed. And although I cant say that it is pleasant for anyone else to listen to, its apparently tolerably painful. ;) So I am going to link here to an MP3 file, not so you can get an Idea of how its supposed to be sung, but more so you can get a feel for the Cadence, because I do believe the ... AmMAaaaaaaa tUUUU AN-KIiiiiiiii cadence of it stretching out most of the vowels really adds to its power, and what is its power? Simply put, it invokes Innana. As long as I have worked with the Pendulum this is how I have called to Innana to honor my readings. I chant (not sing) the Ama until the Pendulum is traveling in a nice firm circle. Between questions again I chant the Ama to Null out any bias for a yes or a no.

When I was very new to this I was showing a Friend at As U Wish this technique, and muggle that I am I'm staring fascinated at the whirling rock, asking her, "You See?" She replied, "I don't have to See, I can feel her wings Beating all around me." Owls of course where sacred to Innana, and she is often depicted with wings. One of my Favorite images appears on the cover of Lady of the Largest Heart. It clearly shows Innana with Wings. You may think you recognize the Image as Lilith, you do. I have seen exactly the same image on several occasions, labled either Lilith or Innana. The Motif is always however the same. The Goddess flanked by Owls, and the Owls flanked by Lions. Whether that Goddess is Innana or Lilith seems largely a matter of interpretation. It gets more interesting when we consider Erechkigal who is seen by modern scholars as Innana's Id. (I believe that's the right usage) Her wild, Sexual, Sensual, often destructive side. In this vision Innana's Descent and Rebirth is the story of the Adolescent Princess integrating her shadow self, and becoming the Grown Woman, and Queen of Heaven.

Now I know its my habit sometimes to wander a bit, but I really have not here. I do believe that this Mantra will help you, if it is your desire to reach out to my Goddess and My Guide. I believe she will welcome your call, as she has always welcomed any opportunity to read I have presented to her. Her passion for her children is real, and powerful. Yet one should not forget that in Lady of the Largest Heart, Enheduanna is trying to soothe the angry heart of her Goddess, to appease her, for she feels that her Exile must be reflection of Innana's wrath with her Servant, her Sukkal.

I was telling Tracy the other day, how the only person Innana expressed a real desire not to read for is my own mother. At the time I was very concerned by this, but I think I understand it now. Mom does not Worship the Gods. She see's herself as a Priestess, one who has called Down the Moon. One with the same Energy as the Goddess. She has called that Energy into herself and directed it when it was greatly needed. As fits a woman of great power, she seldom uses it, and never for personal gain, my mother lives quite Modestly. Innana however as I mentioned recently destroyed Ebe for not kissing the ground at her feet.

So visiting my mom, I was bringing two powerful, proud unbending energies together. My Queen of Heaven, and a Priestess who was not going to be kneeling at her alter anytime soon. Their energies clashed from the moment I arrived, to the Moment I left, and who knows what should happen when I return next month for the first time in 4 years.

So I will tell you this, If you want to work with Innana, and in her energy. I advise you to present yourself as her Sukkal. You don't have to... this is not some proclamation from on-high, only my advise to you as a person who has worked in her energy for some years now. Honor the Great ME. The gifts of Civilization, but these two above all. Honor her with the gift of Water, and the Gift of Grain. (I use good cookies.)

Oh Lady your Breast is your Field.
Innana your Breast is your Field.
Your proud field pours out Plants.
Your pourd field pours out Rain.

Water flows from on high for your servant.
Grain flows from on High for your servant.
Pour them out for me Innana.
I will honor all you offer.

If your recognize this you will recognize some small changes. The original read. I will accept all you offer, but in this time when the Rape of the Gaia must concern all of us, I prefer the wording I will honor all you offer.

Assuming your interested in this so far and you chose to chant the Ama for a time, to call her too you. I will offer this last bit of advise. After you call your Quarters. I use a slightly Modified version of Starhawks Quarters call. Adding Ama tu AnKi between each quarter. I would suggest you add the following before you begin.

The Circle is Cast, we stand between the worlds.
Where birth and death,
Joy and Sorrow,
Night and Day,
Meet as one. (you know this much...)

As we Journey between the worlds,
we follow in the steps of she who has gone before.

At the 1st gate they took her Shugurra, the Crown of the Steppe.
At the 2nd gate they took her necklace of Lapis Beads.
At the 3rd gate they took her from her breast the double strand of Beads.*
At the 4th gate they took her breastplate, "Come Man Come."
At the 5th gate they took her Bangles.
and at the 6th gate they took the Rod and Line,
With which she marked out the sacred ground plan of Heaven and earth.
At the 7th gate they took her proud garment.

And so did Innana arrive in the Underworld of Kur,
devoid of any armor of metal or office.

The Judges spoke against her.
The Judges spoke against her.**
The Eye of Death was fixed upon her.
The Eye of Death was fixed upon her.**

And for 3 days did she hang impaled in the darkness.
Then as the first light of the New Moon did shine, she burst into the Heavens,
and tonight she reigns there still.

Queen of Heaven,
Mother of the Earth.
She who wears the Robes of the Old Old Gods,
Supreme in Heaven and on Earth.

Ama tu ANKI!

* I always say pearls, but this may not be accurate.

**- Repeat this yourself if alone, or any with you should repeat it as a chorus.-

*** Innana is indeed the Lady of Many offices and you might invoke a particular office, if you are praying for a particular need.

Well thats as much as I have to give. If you chose to take up what I have to give, use it wisely. My Lady is a great Lady, but she is not always a gentle one. Innana is remembered foremost as she who brought humanity the Great ME. The Great Gifts, or the Great Powers. Water, Food, Beer, (oh yes do offer her beer its very traditional) Lovemaking, Fertility, Astrology, Divination, Math, and the Sacred Ground Plan of Heaven and Earth. She brought us the power of Law, and she is the Ultimate Power of Chaos. Storm Goddess being one of her offices.

Ama tu ANKI, BB.