Finding My Own Way

We will never eliminate all suffering from the world, but we can remove a lot of the heat from the boiling pot, by not holding a flame to it ourselves.

Thank you for having read this far.

This particular series has haunted me for some time now, I realise that I have written here, what I tried to write some months ago when I posted Full Circle. I am 46 Years old, I am now older than my father when he died by two years, and I feel my mortality rather accutely.

If nothing else I do in this life matters, I hope this does, I hope this gives someone a moments pause and makes them think about the what I have posted here, it is rather succinctly the distillation of 20 years of thought. If they come to just the same conculsions I have then I will have likely failed, for they will not have thought, only swallowed what I have given them.

I am a Brahman, If Brahman means Seer, that I certainly am. If Braman Means Priest, that I certainly am, and if Brahman means scholar, well I'm working on that. It just also happens that I was born the son of an Autoworker and Seer/Astrologer was just not on the list of Menu items when I was picking what to do with my life. I hope to correct that, I hope that by the end of the decade I will have completed my training and I will be a professional Astrologer, because for me this would mean that I am working in and with beauty. And this too was not on the list of menu items.

I have never seen a Natal Chart that is not beautifal, I suspect I never will. Each natal chart is unique, each vibrates with the song of one individual soul, and each rings with the potential of that human being. What better way could I serve Innana than by helping her children reach for their potential.

Your torch flames,
heavens four quarters,
spreads splendid light in the dark,
those warrior women
like a single thread
come forth from beyond the river
do common work
in devotion to you.
Whose hands sear them with purifying fire.

From the Exaltation of Innana,

- Enheduanna-
     Sumerian Priestess, and first known poet in the world.

Ama tu ANKI!