My lover lay between my legs, my belly her pillow, I was toying with her hair, caressing her cheeks with my finger tips.

"It takes me back so you know to see you like this"

"Yes, I was in that moment as well."

I was carrying my third child, and Oiana my midwife for the first two had passed through Kur into the Heavens in the previous winter. A younger woman, her Chela now attended me. Her eyes were loving, her hands where sure, her touch was gentle, and when she cupped my womb in her hands I could feel such deep energy flow.

"Another girl, with laughing eyes and a big smile. A lovely girl who will bring light and laughter to those around her."

"Does she have a name."

"Not that she has shared with me yet, but she has a name, she is returning to the world."

"your know so much."

"It is my gift, to know who the child has been before, to dance with her spirit in the dream time."

And she sank down between my legs, gently pillowing her head on my belly listening to the child with-in. And in that moment she was just so beautiful, so very beautiful. My hand reached out and I began to toy with her hair and caress her cheek with my finger tips. After a few moments she looked up.

"You looked so beautiful, I could not help but touch you."

"I love children."

"Do you love their mothers as well?"

She silently moved up the bed and lay close beside me her head resting in the crook of my shoulder. She did not say a word but something magick was in her eyes. I slipped one arm around her shoulders, and cupped her bottom with the other hand, our lips sealed into the tightest kiss.

There was such magick in that moment. Have you even known a moment, that could stop time, that you could live in the magick of that bliss for all time and feel no regret. Finally I paused for breath.

"Oh my dear Melissa, Its quite silly to say this, but I love you."

"Yes it is quite silly, and I love you."

We kissed again, and our spirits coiled around each other tighter than bodies ever could. Kissing each other with such passion. Again we paused for breath.

"I have no consort, you, you will be my companion?"

"Of course, I am Midwife to the temple, and I will be consort to a priestess."

We kissed again. As we have every night from the Full Moon to the New each month that has passed since. Every night when I am not accepting offerings in my office as Nu Gig Priestess of Ki she has lay in my bed, cradled in my arms.  My dearest Melissa, she has brought 5 children conceived on the Sacred Marriage bed out of my womb and into the world. It is so special to me that Melissa's hands have been the very first to touch each of our children.

Ama tu ANKI