The Sky ship lurched. It moved as if along a crazily undulating track. Massive teardrops of green and blue light began to fall all around them. There was the sound of a raging wind, but no wind touched them. An almost human voice Echoing on and on.

And then they were flying through swiftly moving shadows - the shadows of things and people all rushing in the same direction. Below, Corum saw a thousand volcanoes, each one spewing red cinders and smoke, but somehow the cinders and smoke did not touch the sky ship. There was a stink of burning and it was suddenly replaced by the smell of flowers. The volcanoes had become so many huge blossoms, like anemones opening red petals. < Short snip >

The Bulk of Enormous beasts rose from seas of excrement and the beasts raised their square snouts to the skies and groaned before sinking again beneath the surface. < Short snip >
"My Brain reels, " Rhalina gasped. "It is as if I am mad. I can hardly believe I do not dream."
"Someone dreams," Jhary told her."Someone dreams, Lady. A God" (Mabelrode)

From the KING of SWORDS: Micheal Moorcock

Ama tu ANKI, BB.