Hi All,

Well, this lovely lady has come to visit my home again. I still dont know quite how :) the email says the order being filled was made on May 11th (or so) so I am quite sure this is the order I made Vs Daphs graduation. Its also Odd that I got the email from Sacred Source that the UPS had shipped yesterday morning, and the package arrived yesterday after noon. Thats way fast even for 2 day shipment.

Of course one does not want to make and energetic mountain out of a mundane mole hill, but this is quite the odd event just the same. The timing coming at just the time at my relationship with Innana seems to be returning to something of what has been normal between us for the last 3 years could hardly be more fitting to an energetic event. It is also Odd that Sacred Source would just happen to reprocess an order made some months ago and already fulfilled.

I was thinking it might be a good Idea to invite on or more of you too do a reading about this issue, simply put do you see an energetic event or an simple mundane event. Certainly one does not want to Dis this lovely lady by stuffing her (image) in a box and sending her back, but it does raise the question where to keep the Idle. I'm rather out of Alter Spaces, and Innana can get right Jealous. Having Burned my Goddess Tarot Tara card, twice!!

Still every problem has a solution, and I will certainly find a solution for this little one.


I've thought a good bit about whether to post what follows, but we are all grown up on this list, and I thought I would go ahead and let you make up your own minds: Well a few nights ago on Coast a caller came on, an older woman calling George and she was obviously quite distressed, she said she had been shown terrible things happening, on the 3rd and 9th and 19th of August. One the Third she saw a environmental disaster, (like the Tsunami) on the 9th a Volcanic event in American West, and the 19th all hell breaks loose.

Now being me I checked out chart for the 3rd, and its rather interesting. We have the Sun in Opposition to Chiron the Wounded Healer. With Mars and Jupiter also drawing tight aspects to Chiron, and Saturn great break on change is combust (too close to the sun.) If Momma wanted to give a good kick, she could hardly pick a better day. (Chart is 6am Washington) The Chart for the 9th is not significantly different except that The Moon is now Full and in conjunction with Neptune, (the great dissolver of barriers.) This configuration is disturbing because there is a demonstrated statistical relationship between Seismic activity and the Full and New Moon. (Tides seem to effect Magma was well as the Oceans.)

Now not knowing quite what to make of all this I asked Innana to honor a spread for the 3rd, with the Issue being the Gaia. The significant cards seemed to me. Emperor Rx, 9 of Swords in the center, and outcome 4 of Swords. So it seemed to me that she was telling me that I was worried about nothing much, and the outcome would be just ok, again 4 of Swords.

So I dont recommend quitting your day job just yet, but I would think twice about visiting Yogi, Picnic basket in hand. :)

Just be safe out there all of you. :) BB.

Ama tu ANKI, BB.