Goddess Tarots and Sprituality:
Innana a Meditation.

Innana By Susan Seddon Boulet.

Innana, reigned for thousands of years the most beloved goddess of her people. She was the Lady of Many Offices. Goddess of Love, Goddess of Fertility, and Goddess of War. Her Lybris, a two headed axe, was both a symbol of her fertility, it was a farm tool. And a symbol of her protection in battle. The Sumerian word for battle literally meant, the Dance of Innana.

Would it not be wonderful to follow in those ancient foot steps. To feel the cool flagstones beneath your feet, and sit beneath the throne of the Queen of Heaven, there to seek her counsel and hear her wisdom. Certainly I think so, and so I have been working on this meditation. So far it has been to little avail, but perhaps if you are more attuned to journey work, you might have better luck than I.

May your Journey be Safe and Prosperious, Ama tu ANKI

Ps of Swords: Gendron Tarot Close your eyes, and open your minds eye. Envision a stairwell, made of the finest marble. The stones are cool on your feet in the moon light. The stair follows the gentle slope of a small round hill. The steps are broad, and the risers gentle, so the walk down the hill is easy and unhurried.

To either side are hanging gardens. Vines twist and twine up the stone on either side of the stair. Set into the stone work are flower beds and great urns. Out of which grow a Queens ransom in flowers and fruit bearing trees. They fill the air with a wonderious perfume. You hear the soft gurgle of water as cleverly cut channels bring life giving water to the rich earth each night, while shielded from the desert sun.

A maid dressed in white with garlands in her hair, fetches you a ladel full of water. She whispers to you, "You must be parched, how far you have traveled to see the Great Lady." The stair winds lazily down deeper and deeper to the base of the hill. The soft light of delicate torches and candles lights your way, showing off the gardens. The moon is just peaking over the horizon.

At the base of the stair, a woman sits on an elegant cedar throne, by a pool of still water. She is lovely, and regal. She is dressed in the finest silks. Her hair protected from the fierce desert heat by a yellow scarf. Her gaze is distant. As though her mind is far away concerned with other things. A small corvus sits on the back of her throne. She whispers to him, and he flys off disappearing into the night. :) When she moves her eyes seem to glide towards you. She moves with the poise of one trained to add an element of grace to every movement. Her smile is warm, her eyes filled with wisdom and compassion. "Sit at my feet my darling daughter ......., and unburden yourself..."

Ama tu ANKI.

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