Goddess Tarots and Sprituality:
The Gendron Tarot.

Ace of Wands, Princess of Cups, 5 of Wands Rx.

Hi all,

I was having lunch at the diner the other day, and at a nearby table was a Latino Gentleman. I did not have a deck, but as my drawing tools where on hand I did a very rough draft of his face. It was an interesting face, the face of a man who has seen alot of life, and worked too many hours in the sun. Yet his hair, his mustache, his clothes where well mended and turned out, this was a man who did not have much, but cared deeply about what he does have. So if last week we pulled cards for Mommasita, I think of this weeks subject as Pappi.

As usual lately I actually drew a 6 card spread. With his underlying influence cards the spread looks like this.

Ace of Wands, Princess of Cups, 5 of Wands Rx.
Ace of Cups, King of Swords,Princess of Swords.

To view the webpage version click here . As always, I look forward to your thoughts.

Anyone interested in sharing thoughts about Last Weeks exercise the link is provided as well. Last Weeks deck was the Tarot of the Gendron Tarot.

 I look forward to your thoughts as always.

Ama tu ANKI, BB

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