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Hermit Gendron Tarot

Merry Meet, I'm BB,

I started GTS because I wanted to participate in a group where the primary vision of the Tarot Celebrates the Divine Feminine, and is not the Waite or Crowley Deck. I wanted to be part of group where Tarot Spells, and other craft related issues are not off topic. I wanted to create a space where members could feel free to post links to their own art if that Celebrates the Lady and the Lord.

Now just about all Wiccan groups view the Tarot as a topic. Our vision is more of a group that keeps its primary focus on Tarot, but where members would be comfortable addressing Wiccan topics as well. I am generally available to read for members one week each month, and periodically we organize a Tarot Buddies where members have the oppertunity to exchange readings.

In the nearly two years since I founded GTS I have been happy to discover I have created a lovely place for friends to meet. :) My own contribution has largely been in the form of essays, that I feel have helped to make GTS unique. Together we have explored individual readings in detail in our Talking Tarot and Exercise Series. We have have begun a re-examination of the Tarot Card by Card in our Card of the Week Series, and we have begun a detailed exploration of one of my own past lives, and past life readings in our Rebecca Series. I have also posted some of my Mura stories in group, which are also intimately tied to my exploration of both my past lives and my sprituality. I have been a pagan for about 20 years. For the last Six years my own spiritual quest has focused on the Tarot. I have grown quite a bit in that time with the help of the members of Goddess Tarots (GTS) and before that All Things Tarot. Writing is a big part of how I explore my inner life, and I have been flattered that our members have found these essays and specualtions interesting. I hope you will too.

GTS is open persons on all Spiritual Paths that lead to God. I find much of what I believe about the fundemental nature of reality is very much inline with Buddhist beliefs. I also believe the Rabbi, named Jesus was one of the great spiritual teachers ever to grace our world, and his wisdom should not be overlooked. My own view of the Rabbi however is rather Gnostic, and not altogether inline with mainstream Christianity.

I sincerely hope you will consider Goddess Tarots & Spirituality. I think it can grow into a great place to share, and recieve wisdom.

My personal email is blackbird_61@yahoo.com I will reply to any questions as promptly as possible. I am a shift worker please be patient, and please include Tarot in the subject so your email is not filtered.

Blessed Be, All. BB.

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