Goddess Tarots and Sprituality: My Alter.

I am the Cup which holds Eternity.
All other Cups, have their Source in Me.

The Picture above looks very like my Alter does today, although I have never quite recaptured the magick of this one in a photo. The center piece is Amy Browns statue, "The Seer." She has been my statue of Innana for quite some time and I am quite sure Innana is happy to be represented by her. The Goat beside her was perfect to represent her consort Damuzi, who represents the Lord and the Male principle. The cards show, are the Star - The Morning Star is sacred to Innana, and the Princess of Pents, whom I see as a vision of Momma-Ki. The Cards are from the Gendron Tarot. I was having problems with a trickster at the time I took the photo, so the Image of the Ps of Swords (Innana) in the center crosses the Deciever.

The Picture below was taken the day I set up my Alter, and the image of "The Seer" is much clearer. The cards in frame are from the Tarot of the Old Path, The High Priestess and the Star. The Statue is elevated on a stone pedestal that is supposed to hold the tea light for a oil diffuser. Instead I have been placing small crystals there. The Stone dish for the oil holds water creating a little reflecting pool for the Goddess. I cleared the bookshelf and restocked it with most of my books on Tarot, The Craft and such, but also some poetry and one autobiography. All Goddess friendly stuff I think. The Calendar behind her is Susan Boulet's. The Image, just out of frame, is Innana.


Inanna-Ki Mother of us all.
source of all blessings.
I pray this Alter pleases you.
Please bless this alter.
and the Intentions of those who
serve you here.

Ama Tu AN-KI.