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A Reply to Georges Noory's Interview, With
Fiona Horne,

 Hi George, I really quite like your show. After the initial shock of seeing Art semi retire, I came to figure out I actually like you better as a host. I was listening to the stream link of your interview with Fiona Horne yesterday, and I was not really impressed with some of Fiona’s answers. I think she’s used to much shorter interviews and has her prepared answers down. Faced with your much longer format, it seemed to me she repeated herself rather too much.

I am pagan myself, and got it into my head to record some of your questions, and I answered them as best I can, it struck me you had a genuine interest in the subject so I thought I would take the time to write, and hopefully you can find the time to read.

                                                        Blessed Be, Tom LaValley


The Stigma of Witchcraft, especially with woman.

       BB re; The simple fact is we still have not shaken off the intolerance of the past. Like Fiona I am old enough to remember when as Catholic’s we where taught everyone who is not Catholic is going to hell when they die. Truly its bloody awful to teach that kind of intolerance, but that was common in the late 60’s. At the same time “kids” a little older than us where challenging the older less tolerant social order and we have them to thank for the diversity we now enjoy as a culture. 

As far as the stigma being more intense for women;  Men have controlled the Paradigm in the west as far as religion is concerned since Christianity overthrew the Old Religion.  I think quite a few people feel threatened by the resurgence of the Old Religion as something that celebrates the feminine. Woman are supposed to fill the pews, not attend the alter. Ironically it is the Woman in the pews that are keeping the Patriarchal religions going.

You Don’t See Witchcraft as evil at all do you. 

BB re; Wicca as a view of the Universe based on Celebrating the Goddess and the God, is not in the least evil. The craft of working magic on the other hand is simply a tool.

Like a Chain Saw it can be used to accomplish something good, filling the wood cellar or something evil, like the famous massacre. However one must not forget the rule of 3, which says if one puts forth negative harmful energies into the world, they will return to you 3 fold, it is Karmicly inevitable.

Do you see it as a Religion, or a Way of Life, (vs a Spiritual Path.)

BB re; I think to most Wiccans, ones religion is very much their way of life. If penetrates and impacts all you do. From a Wiccan point of view Religion and Way of life are inseparable. 

I dont remember George asking this directly, but I think the next Question makes sense here.

Whats the bare bones Blurb on Wicca?

BB re; Wicca is the revival of the pre-Christian European nature religion, usually just called "The Old Religion." Its basic tentants are honoring the Goddess, honoring the God, and respecting the lesser spirits of tree, stream and stone. Wicca is about living in harmony with nature. It rejects the view that man lives at odds with nature and must conquer and master her. Wicca has no formal Dogma and with-in its very broad outline there is alot of room for individual expression of ones Spirituality.

Before you where a Witch what was your belief.

BB re; Like Fiona I was raised Catholic. Yet even as an Alter boy, I used to look up into the eyes of the statue of Mary in our church and feel pure awe. The face of that sculpture was a wonderfully crafted vision of pure acceptance and pure love. The Mother Goddess Principle taking center stage in a Catholic Church.  Even at 12 I was drawn to the Goddess, I just did not understand yet what I was feeling. It was so far outside anything I had ever been introduced too.

How did you migrate to Wicca.

BB re; Basically in High School I walked away from Catholicism I just could not connect spirtually with what I was expected to believe. In collage I took a very secular anthropology course in comparative religion and began to understand what early Pagans believed. I could see that Pagan beliefs very much echoed how I felt about things spiritually.  I was so impressed with the course that after I took it, I came back and audited it the next semester. Then one night gazing out under a full moon, I knelt and prayed to Isis, and accepted that this little seed had taken root in me. It has been with me ever since. In the last twenty years it has grown and withered and been reborn, but it has always been with me.

What about Satanism.

As a Religion,

BB re;  I think Fiona gave a very good answer Satanism basically a knee jerk reaction to Catholicism that lacks the imagination to think outside the Catholic box. I feel it has all of the flaws and none of the beauty of that faith.

How do you feel about what they do.

BB re; Obviously some of what Satanists do is horrible and simply illegal. It is also just plain sad to see people on a path that can only increase their Karmic debt.

Do you believe in A Supreme Being.

BB re; Not in the way I was taught as a Catholic, Where God is seen as some sort of separate super being that created us little individuals.

Rather I think Wiccans tend more to see God and Creation as one thing, we are all the Divine discovering itself and its infinite complexity in billions and billions of forms. Those forms include you and me, I also think they include the Gaia I feel very sure the earth has a soul of her own, and she truly is our mother.  From this point of view, even the Goddess and The God, are facets of the great jewel of creation.

As a Practicing witch, what does that mean?

BB re; I think it means that you are a person on the Wiccan spiritual path, that you use magick and mundane work to Honor the Goddess and the God and make the world a little better place.

About the Lil Girl,Heather, who at 12 who called and says she is a witch.

BB re; I think its great that her parents have the tolerance to let her explore idea’s and discover her spirituality for herself. My wife is Methodist, and I am Pagan we tried to do the same, not shoving either religion down Daph’s throat, and she has grown into a very aware and sensitive woman. She is 21 and has not firmly picked a path, but that’s cool, a young person should be exploring their spirituality at her age.

I do think its important that a young witch advise her or his parents and get their guidance when approaching Wicca. Unfortunately there is a lot of older material still out there that was written by 19th and early 20th century occultists, material that is not part of the Wiccan Path, and is not appropriate for young people. Even at Waldens, you will still find the Necronomicon cheek by jowl with genuine pagan books. The Necronomicon is of course a fictional Grimoir created by HP Lovecraft and exploited by scam artists ever since. I think if fair to say HP would have been appalled.

Do you believe in an AfterLife.

BB re; I was raised in a haunted house. I’m quite sure we survive death, that it is not an ending but a transition. As to what lies beyond the veil, my answers are ultimately no better a guess than yours.

What would you say to the Pope.

BB re; Please make public statement acknowledging the Craft is another Spiritual Path towards God, and not a form of Satanism. We still suffer from the propaganda of “The Burning Times.”

What would you say to the Dali Lama,

BB re; I think it would be better to listen.

If I had to say something, it would be, “May I have the honor of meditating with you.”

It sounds like your first mission is to help people, and how would you help people.

BB re; I’m a Tarot Reader, so most of my help that does not involve a spanner, involves the Tarot. I would read someone’s cards for them, and drawing on my life experience try to help them reach a better understanding of the energies at work in their lives. By the way, like Fiona I never take money for reading. I respect the professional readers I know, they are people of integrity, who use their gifts to help others find their best path. Involving money however does immediately create issues of integrity that I don’t need to bring into my own life. My work as a technician pays my bills and leaves a little for some of life’s small comforts, like good pipe tobacco. 

Before you switched to witchcraft where you happy with yourself. 

BB re; I had a rough childhood, I’m still working on being happy with myself.

Hollywood flicks about witchcraft.

BB re; I’ve never enjoyed horror movies, I find them a downer. I don’t get the upside of  watching basically helpless people get hurt.

When you perform spells, do you use things?   Yes.

Why is that needed.

BB re; It serves as a focal point for ones concentration and energy, we are dealing with the connection between the energetic world and manifesting that energy in the material world. Anything that strengthens that connection will facilitate ones work in the Craft.

 Also have you read Lynn McTaggarts;  The Field. Science is now confirming a long standing Magickal Belief. The notion that when two things are in contact their energies rub off on one and other, and once two energies are entwined they are never truly separate again. So if I have George Noory’s penknife it helps me reach out to George Noory’s energetic body in the field and lend my strength to his.

This is very much inline with your own investigation into mass consciousness.  If you posted a picture on the website of a person your audience was praying for, it would help them envision that person, reach out to their energetic body  and  make your collective efforts to help the person more effective.

Are your spells to help people?

BB re; Mine are yes. I think trying to harm people is a sign of an person who is emotionally and spiritually immature. By a certain age I think most of us see there is enough that is awful in this world. I have no desire to add any more pain to the world’s quota myself.

For men who practice the religion, is it different for men.

BB re; Wicca has no formal Dogma like Catholicism it is more like Judaism, a collection of people bound by some common beliefs but individually seeking God. So I don’t think it is any more different for Men than Women. It is as different as yourself. 

The Path you have taken, did you do it on your own, or did you have help from somebody.  BB re; My being in Collage was just about the greatest thing that ever happened to my Mom. At the time she was a working class woman with most of a high school education, even then however she was very well read. My going to Collage exposed her to as many new ideas as it did me. We both went down the Path at the same time. We explored our new faith in different ways, but it was great having that support. Since she has continued to read voraciously and is far better educated than the average Collage Joe today.

Has Witchcraft, effected your career at all.

BB re; I have been out of the Broom Closet at some jobs, and not at others. In my current position I chose not to discuss my faith. I am a technical professional, and my peers think I am weird enough in that I listen to George Noory and believe in UFO’s.

Do you believe in Reincarnation. 

BB re; Yes, I am Quite sure we return to learn and settle our Karmic debts.

You don't believe in a Heaven or Hell.

BB re; Actually I do, I believe that if a person achieves true enlightenment they can rise above the wheel of reincarnations and return to the Deity. I also believe if a soul becomes just utterly fettered with shadow it sinks into that Darkness. This is of course a Hindu vs. Catholic vision of Heaven and hell, I truly feel this is one of the great insights of that tradition.

Would you tell people that you are a witch.

BB re; Persons I know reasonably well, and who because I know them, I feel comfortable that they would be tolerant. However if you visit my home, I expect you would figure it out long before I formally told you. My home looks pagan.


BB re; Samhain is my favorite Holiday, it being the only remaining pagan holiday in our overwhelmingly Christian calendar. I celebrate it with relish. I would also like to say I think we Americans are being led in the wrong direction. Those who are trying to cut Religious expression out of our public life are not leading us towards our best path. Our public life should reflect the rainforest of our diversity, not the desert of Agnosticism.

ET’s and Visitors, in the physical plane.

BB re; I ask my skeptical friends, do you think the Government maintains over 100,000 pages of classified documents on bigfoot?

I was very skeptical until I read Richard Dolan’s; UFO’s and the National Security state. Even 5 years ago I would tell people that if UFO’s where real then what we understand about physics would not make the primary reader in the visitors schools. Its seems, it would not. Advances in quantum theory are now making FTL travel and communication seem more and more possible.  With those advances in mind we can more easily understand the presence of the visitors. I think we may well have both extra –Terrestrial, and extra – Dimensional visitors.

Do you have a magic wand.

BB re; no I have some prayer beads, grey howlites. A string of 89 beads as is traditional for the Buddhist faith. They are my spiritual focus. I wear them night and day, and only take them off to shower.

One last thought, If I could tell a person just one thing about Wicca it would be this, Our Traditional Greeting is Merry Meet, and our Traditional Goodbye is Blessed Be. I think that says a world about who we are spiritually. Thank you for your time George,
and Blessed Be, BB.

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