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I have collected below my short list of Tarot Related Books, not all deal with the Tarot per say. Instead some of the books posted are included because I feel they are helpful to those of us on The Fools Journey. I have included links to where you can buy the books reviewed. Why not its real easy. However allow me to restate my usual disclaimer: I have no relationship with any site I've linked too, or author. My recommendation of any book is totally my own choice and I hope you will find them useful.


My "Bible" as a reader is Janina Renee's Tarot for a New Generation. There are lots of books that give a basic description of the cards. Janina's book is special. Just browsing the table of contents you might think, oh I've seen this before. You haven't!- her positive energy, and deep insight into the human aspect of Tarot reading make this book a pleasure to read. Her essays on the individual cards are full of gems of unconventional wisdom. My essay on the VII of Cups on this website was deeply affected by her vision of the card. Pointing out the traditional negative reading of the card, but going on to point out the importance of dreams to a full life. This is easily the most important book I can recommend to you reader to reader. In addition to being very insightful, the book is well organized and is a wonderful reference for a beginning or intermediate reader.

Her second book Tarot Spells, is a wonderful companion volume that uses the Tarot for as a visual focus for personal healing and manifesting positive energy in ones life. The books are available at





Personally I found "The Path" fascinating, I read it cover to cover in one sitting. Whitley presents a intriguing Mandala that describes The Path to an ascendant life. This is not the familiar Fools Journey. Instead Whitely walks us through a cross of Ascending, Descending, Masculine and Feminine energies, coming together in a fully realized human soul. A person does not complete or travel the path, rather the path becomes part of their being. The beauty of the work is that it is not, Airy Fairy stuff. Whitley carefully examines the symbolism hidden in the Tarot of Marseille's and every statement about The Path is grounded in that symbolism. The Camoin deck was chosen carefully because it is perhaps the truest to the original Marseille's deck available. The story of this deck is quite a tale in and of itself. I personally think there is every reason to believe this path dates to the beginning of the "Tarot of Marseille's"

The Key details a conversation between Whitley and a person he thinks of as "The Master of the Key." Although alot of the book will not be new or stunning to students of New Age Material. Two area's I think are profound and new. One is a the conversation concerning relationship between the Radiant, and Elemental body. The Second area is when the conversation turns to the subject of the 3 great world religions, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. The Master of the Key views them not as separate bodies of belief, but rather as pillars of a larger whole. It is a challenging Idea, and I think you will very enjoy the book. I personally see these two books as 2 volumes of a larger whole. The Key, very much feels like a conversation with a man who has completely integrated the path into himself.
These books are self published and only available at

The Field


The Field: Lynn describes how the initial idea for this book came from her encountering Miracles. Not Water into Wine Miracles, but Miracles in the sense of good credible double blind studies achieving results that where simply impossible in the present scientific paradigm. Science is in the process of uncovering and demonstrating the interconnectedness of the universe. The interconnectedness that is at core of synchronicity, and the heart of the Tarot. The Skeptics Community does not even realize they are trapped in a 19th century mind set, and science, is leaving them behind! Lynns primary field of endeavor is as a Science reporter with a concentration on the field of Medicine. The result is a book that holds to the highest standards of investigative science and journalism. A book that will amaze your most skeptical friends.


A Seperate Reality


Carlos Castaneda, was of course a very prolific author, I personally have only read these two works. I found both fascinating however. I read them the first time through in reverse order, but I dont recommend that approach. A Separate Reality, challenges us to rethink our notion of the Elemental, vs Energetic World. Its a very good and thought provoking book all by itself, but I must admit that for me the most important thing it does is lay the ground for the Power of Silence.

Reading The Power of Silence, fundamentally changed my spiritual view of the world:
Since we where small, I think most of us have been reassured time and again that, "God has a plan." Elemental Reality however confronts us with a world, that must surely test anyone's belief that all this part of gods plan. From the Great War through the Holocaust to the rape of the Planet, the argument can be made that the sum of human activity in the 20th Century, was the expression of a collective death wish. Some churches even preach this death wish, for the world must end for "The Elect" to be called to the rapture.


In The Power of Silence Don Juan gives us another option to being caught up in the Macro level chaos all around us. He presents a view of the universe as a place filled with the Intent. Literally the Intention of the Spirit. The world is in chaos, because most of us have let our connection to the intent fall nearly dead. Our connection is clogged with darkness. Yet we have a choice, to clear our connection with the Intent. To seek to live impeccably. I think it fair to say, most persons reading this are on this path already. We consult the cards to receive guidance, from our Angels, or Gods, or Higher Selves. The Intent is in one sense another way of approaching this inexplicable concept. On the other hand it is a powerful word, invoking a very specific vision of that higher voice. When we have consulted our cards, we seek to learn from them and move with the tides of the energies they reveal. In the language of the book, We seek to Align ourselves to the Intent. Aligning ourselves with that intent, I think, is the focus behind all spiritual pursuits.

dr149 I firmly recommend that a reader work strictly with the Tarot through their first year, before trying to add other elements to your reading. Once you are comfortable with the cards however, I think you will find the most natural way to expand your tools as a reader is to first learn a little numerology, and then a little Astrology.

In the Secret Science of Numerology: Shirley Blackwell Lawence, One by One traces our numbers and letters to their Kabbalistic Roots, and details the vibrations each represents and why. Because the Author has been practicing her art for longer than most readers have been alive, her text is just filled with wonderful associations, to scripture, and history. The Elements of Kabballa presented does not overwhelm the text at all, and its inclustion will not make the exploration of numbers as we know them confusing. In fact Shirley has managed to produce one of those rare and invaluable works that is both dense and readable.



First off let me say, I love Susan Millers Voice as an Author. She really does leave one feeling like you have had a wonderful conversation with a dear and knowledgeable friend. I have added a little bit of Astrological knowledge to my Tarot studies over the past year, and it has been a blessing. Susan's book has been the most helpful so far. My biggest stumbling block as a Tarot reader remains the court cards. I always find them a challenge to read. I have a particularly hard time relating to them if I cannot think of a real person I know as sort of model for the card. Susan's careful exploration of the Astrological planets, and the personality typical of each has been a huge help. The book, I think will appeal to anyone interested in a little self reflection, because not only will you see family and friends in the characters of this book. I very much expect you will learn a little something about yourself.