To Be First of the Nine.

Pandora and Rachel were out gathering in Sacred Anar. Rachel was seeking a wand of special Magick for a coming Ceremony had brought Pandora along so she might feel the Magick in the Trees and branches.

Auntie Rachel, is it true that I will be Forth of the Nine.

Yes Dear, I saw it in your Runes.

But Mara is 4th of Nine.

Yes Child, but a time will come when she removes that gown.

I guess I don't quite understand, Auntie Rachel.

Rachel sat down under a great "Grandmother Tree" and sat Pandora close to her.

You see this tree, once she was just so full of life, that she just burst from the earth and reached for the sky. She grew and grew into the mighty tree you see now, but where she was once filled with life, she is now filled with memory. It is like that for us too, a time will come when Mara is so very full of memory, and what life remains in her cup is for herself alone, and not to spent in the tending of the garden. Then in the time she chooses she will remove her gown.

Tell me more.

When your Mother was Born, Lady Hera was First of the Nine. She watched over your mother and taught her the Craft of the Wise and prepared her for the day she would wear the green gown. Then when she saw your mother was ready, and she was herself tired. She went out into Anar under the New Moon and Sang to the Nine. They hearing her voice followed and under the last sliver of the Moons Light she removed her gown and left it on the grass of Anar. The Fifth of the Nine, who went before me, had brought for her a simple white shift and Hera returned to the keep. In this way we knew it was your mothers time.

When the Moon Waxed Full the Nine Returned to spot Lady Hera had chosen, and the people followed to see the ceremony. Lady Hera returned to the spot Wearing White, as did your mother. She was the first in the Line and your mother the last, the other members of the great circle followed, and formed a circle around the spot.

Then all the Ladies of the Great Circle Disrobed, and stood naked under the Full Moon.


Some things must be done at our most vulnerable, with no armor of metal or station child.

Now Hera called the Guardians, and each of the Nine replied. As the Adept to the 5th of the Nine I carried a Silver Chalice. The Adept of the 3rd of the Nine carried a skin of Wine. As the Wine was Poured into the Chalice your Mother was lead into the circle. Hera took the Chalice from me and presented it to the 2nd of the Nine.

You mother stood before her now, the 2nd of the Nine. Naked woman to woman with no gown of Office between them.

The Second of the Nine Said, "I charge you with the Dream of Sacred Anar may it be safe in your keeping." Then she handed Ara the Chalice, and she took a very small sip. Ara retuned her the Chalice, and the 2nd of the Nine Turned and gave the Chalice to the Third of the Nine.

The 3rd of the Nine said, "I charge you with the Fields and Vines, the Doe and the Stag. May they be safe in your keeping." Then she handed Ara the Chalice, and again she took a small sip.

The 4th of the Nine said, "I charge you with the trees of Anar, Oak and Elm, Apple and Ash, and she who is the Mother of All. May they be Safe in your Keeping."

The 5th of the Nine said, "I charge you with the great book, and the path of Our People. May they be Safe in your Keeping."

The 6th of the Nine said, "I charge you with the Love of Our People. May it Flourish in your Keeping."

The 7th of the Nine said, "I Charge you with the Story of Our People. May it be a Song of Celebration in your Keeping."

The 8th of the Nine said, "I Charge you with the Memory of Our People. May it endure in your keeping."

The Keeper of the Verse said, "I Charge you with the Wisdom of Our People. May it grow in your Keeping."

Then Ara returned to center and Hera and said, "I accept the Wisdom of Mother Isis, and the Stewardship of Sacred Anar, may she flourish in my Keeping."

Then Hera Dressed your Mother in the Green Gown, which had been crafted in part by each of the Nine. Hera kissed your mother and said, "Child of Anar, You are The Ara, I am gladdened that I leave Sacred Anar in your keeping."

The Circle was closed, and a great celebration commenced.Your mother conceived you that very night, and this was seen as a great blessing.

Ama tu ANKI.