A Dancer and A Dance.

The salt air tasted good, filling my lungs with its welcome fragrance as I wandered along a half forgotten stretch of beach. It was only half forgotten for I was not alone. The sound of music was drawing me forward.

The Hideous Day Star had dipped below the horizon, and I could make out the flicker of a flame in the twilight. It was a long way down the beach, but I was in no hurry. As the light faded; A fox sprang from a tuft of grass on a hare, and I smiled at him, understanding better than most the ecstasy of that moment. He looked at me, after a long pause, when he felt sure he was safe, that I was not going to chase him off his prize he gathered it up to take home to his kits.

The salt air was good. The sea lapped the shore. The rhythm firm and steady as Momma-Nammu's heart. I paused for a long moment then, sat at the edge of the water. Breathing deeply the salt air, letting the tips of Momma-Nammu's fingers caress my legs and feet, and simply lived in that treasure of a moment.

The water lapped around me caressing me, embracing me, not quite to my waist. I could feel the strength of it, the boundless energy of life deep with-in it, like a womb ever giving birth through out eternity. I could feel her children too, fish and eel and crab. Feel the electric, sometimes frantic, energy of life at the shore. For no where on earth is the sheer density of life richer, nor the dance of predator and prey more urgent, than just here, this Magickal border between land and sea.

I could feel Momma-Nammu's sons and daughters as well, the Nymphs and Mermen, the elementals of the sea. I knew they could sense me in turn, but they would not risk showing themselves to a Daughter of Kur. Its a shame, the taste of their essence the water brought to me was so inviting, and made me hunger for more. Surely Momma-Nammu could surrender to me one luscious daughter. I did not tease myself overly much, such a prize was ever so rare, and it was best to content myself with savoring the trace of their aura in the sea.

The salt air filled my lungs so sweetly, and the sea felt so good on my skin, the Hideous Day Star was well below the horizon now, and gentle stars twinkled in the sky. Faintly music reached me. Lovely, slightly clumsy, lively music. Gently tugging at me, whispering to my hunger, the promise of luscious prey. Yes the night was young, the sea so still and lovely, the water so inviting. It would be wonderful to snatch one of them up, then float for hours cradled in Momma-Nammu's embrace while my prize melted into me.

There are three days and two nights in each cycle when the moon is just right for dancing. It's when the energy is highest, not the full moon, just the right moon. It changes and timing needs to be felt.
This day was the first, and when I got to the hidden beach, the others were already there. They were not there to dance, they liked to play. I have never told them what happens, they think I am dancing for them, dancing with their music, they don't understand.
It was almost twilight, so I quickly added the seeds to the top of the bird post and hung the dish of fresh water there. Then went down the beach to meditate.
As I relaxed into the sound of the wind and waves, the feeling came. It was like always, hearing the sounds, and then feeling them. How they blend into the over-sound, and then move through me. I felt the separation inside, but stayed in both states to dance.
When I opened my eyes, I could see everything, all of the movement, how it passes beyond what's moving it. It's beautiful, no matter how many times, it still makes me smile, and everything I feel becomes part of this over-sound...I could see it there. Then I knew it was time, and walked back to the fire in the darkness.
The others were already playing, and it was no trouble to step into the rhythm...they don't know, but I can see it there. Each sound like a spark of movement, it is right there moving into the over-sound...each sound it's own, and one...it dances with the fire, and they don't even notice the flickering moving with the rhythm.
I love this dance, it's so perfect, just moving with it, my energy blending into the over-sound...

So I roused myself from my Reverie and wandered down the beach. Guided by the flickering of their bon fire, and their clumsy but enthusiastic music. Now please dont think me a snob. I loved their music, loved it for the sweet honesty of its little imperfections. I cannot abide "canned" music, and canned is certainly the word for it, as polished, and bright, and shiny, and lifeless as a can. I will never understand how mortal morsels can tolerate hearing the same melody over and over sung with exactly the same inflection, and rhythm, and "emotion." Yet your world is full of this noise. While so few of you remember how to make music of your own. Not too long ago nearly all humans played something, even it if was only blowing across the top of an empty jug. Such rich luscious times those were. It seems to me as your toys grow shinier your souls grow dimmer, but I wander.

The wind shifted ever so slightly, like the draw from a chimney, I was seeing this, and I didn't know why...but when I let my eyes follow the movement, I could see her coming.

As I approached the fire I noted a lithe young man playing the harp, and he surely noticed me. Blowing a little harder, playing with just a little more energy, honestly straining his notes just a touch in an almost unconscious bid to impress me. He clearly noticed me, seven feet tall, a Murian noblewoman, with flowing raven hair, I was something his chatti mind could scarely imagine, but the promise of my body overwhelmed him, I could sense his energy rising immediately. The thought he might seduce me, "have his way with me", savor me before the sun rose, filled him.

I felt her coming near, and saw the interplay of energy between her and my brother. Then I stopped watching and closed my eyes. There was much more in the feeling of her, and I didn't need eyes to see this movement.

Oh, he was clear as glass, and quite happy about being clear as glass. There was no deception in him at all, only a deep desire we might enjoy one an other, and a delicious confidence that I would enjoy him every bit as much as he enjoyed me. Sweetly oblivious to my intention, to enjoy him more than he could possibly imagine. I favored him with just the trace of a smile. Playing him like a fish nibbling at the end of my line.

It would be almost to easy, we would disappear into the shadows, and he would disappear into my great shadow, and I could be floating blissfully in the embrace of Momma-Nammu before the moon marked another hour off in the sky.

His companions were playing a small set of drums by hand, and set of wooden pipes. I wondered if they were pagans. Many who are rediscovering the old religion are rediscovering the old music as well. Perhaps I would postpone my own pleasures a little while longer. Although I favor the lyre, I am accomplished with many instruments, perhaps I could teach these young morsels a melody or two from the ancient world.

Then I saw her ...

And all thought of anything else fled from my mind. Suddenly the harpist was as appealing as tossing out the candy and eating the box, to borrow a mortal phrase.

Ah, there it is, her attention shifts to me. And she can see...she is like me, yet not like me. I know her, but I don't remember how...where it was, or when. There is a timeless feeling to her...

I saw her, and knew I alone understood what I saw...,

She was dancing near the driftwood fire. Dancing freely between the fire and the edge of the sea. A beautiful full bodied woman, with Auburn hair. Letting the rhythm caress her, fill her, move her. There was nothing studied or sculpted in her movements, they were full of the life and spontaneous energy of a child. All those gathered on this spot could see this without trouble.

What they could not see, were the sprites dancing in the fire. The fire spirits dancing, caressing, licking, ultimately consuming the wood in their dance, but reveling their moment in the this mortal world. She knew them, sensed them, and blended her seemingly random movements with their dance. In spirit she was one with these spirits of the flame, dancing in flawless synchronicity with them. It was soooo lovely, and it made me ache with hunger.

She danced as freely as I have ever seen a mortal dance. With each leap and jump she hardly seemed to notice the gentle tug of gravity as it returned her to the earth. Dancing between the shifting boundaries of the fire and the sea, her danced flowed with the rhythms of both elemental worlds. For a very long moment, she did not seem to notice me, but she was far to aware to long miss my energy. Something in her movements invited me to join her, I can not say it was a come hither glance, or a beckoning finger, or anything as clumsy as that, it was a subtle shift in her energy, that created a space for me beside where she danced.

So I closed my eyes for a long moment, and let the music fill me, flowed with it, understood it, breathed it in, breathed it out, then when it was wholly one with me, I put forth my own intention. Blending with, then sculpting the energy of the music, and the musicians. The musicians to their amazement found themselves playing music of an Ancient world, it came unbidden to their hands, and filled the air with an Arcane almost alien sound. Behind me, I could sense them looking at one an other, feel their unease at the weirdness of the moment, but they were men. And when I placed my hands on my hips, one leg forward, and began to dance in the ancient manner of the Murian, (Which only the Arr-Rabs half remember) They forget their sense of the weird, hypnotized by my preternatural beauty.

She knows this dance, knows how to shift the energy movement. But she is changing the natural rhythm to her own. Ok, I will dance with her...then I will know her

I moved in the flowing, stylized manner of my mothers court. Feeling so completely in touch with myself. There is something so indescribably feminine about the music of my mothers court, it just wells up from your bosom and fills the dancer, making her feel in every inch a woman.

I can feel it, she has tasted her desires, she is the one who drank her desires...and they are in her. I can feel them reaching towards me, they come in the form of ribbons.

And she never missed a beat, as I put forth my energy, blended my energy with the music, then led the musicians down paths alien to them, into the deep past of Mura, she just flowed. Never getting ahead or behind the music but just accepting each present moment for what is was she just slid along with the melody As I entered into her space. Now head held high and hands on hips I danced with her, stepping and whirling and swaying. Always my eyes on her, shining like a light. The sweet perfume of her aura filled the air, and I knew I had tasted this before across many Chatti lifetimes.

This is not the same dance, she is moving everything to fit her...let her think she is moving me...she is not. But her dance is familliar, I have danced in this energy before...my heart cries with the pain she feels. Hoping I will melt into her, and fearing that I will not...I know her pain well. It's drawing me in, our energy becoming one...

and the night river stirs within me...I see the ribbons there, all around, and they are touching me. I can see it in her eyes, for a moment I am her and I know her...where she is from, who she is beyond time.

But there is another way, another dance which moves me, one she cannot see. I begin to dance this inbetween her dance, the ribbons fall away and I can feel the flow of the night river moving through me and around me. It comes with a distant drumming, softly touching my soul, not holding, just the softest touch...from a far away drummer.

Yet the dance and inbetween dance seemed flawless together, moving together without touching, and there I saw something forming. I know she will come to dance again.

She seemed to float just beyond my finger tips, had I stretched out my hand. Each movement flowed out of the last anwsering only to her inner muse. My formal Murian gestures, flowing with her utterly spontaneous movements, presenting a unique work of art in all the 9 worlds. Never before had the dance of the Chatti Shaman, been so elegantly blended with the movements of the Murian court. It was deeply beautiful and utterly electric. As she stepped and slipped and whirled, always just out of my reach, as I too whirled, leapt about her.

Now you might fairly ask why I did not just snatch her up. She was so close, so seemingly vulnerable, and so obviously luscious. Oh to take those finger tips, twirl her in close to me, and savor that final kiss, I burned for that desire. But to force her, to spoil something so beautiful, was simply unthinkable. Humans dont understand the deeper energetic truths of their language. Defeat is Bitter, and Surrender is sooo Sweet, I ached for her surrender, needed her to accept me willingly if I was to savor the moment I so deeply longed for while we danced together circling one another.

And she knew it, and knew me, somehow. In a mortal world gone stone blind she knew exactly who her partner was, and danced without the least trace of fear. For she also knew, it was the prospect of her surrender that made my lips tremble, and my breath quicken, bound me to her like a unseen ribbon stretched between us. A ribbon of desire as much a part of the dance as the dancers themselves.

I shall not belabor the tale with the details of each twist and twirl and turn. I need only say, we lost all sense of time, and that we were still gazing into each others eyes when Aura's song rang unwelcome in my ears. I knew the Hideous Day Star must soon rise. I released the musicians, with a tiny gesture of my hand, who then collapsed in utter exhaustion.

The Shadows of night fading, I bowed low and formally as one would curtesy before a queen, for surely she is a queen of sorts. Then disappeared into the shadows, before they should disappear exposing me to the burning pain of Uttu's light. I returned to Kur hungry, but without a trace of regret.

Then, as dawn came, the first light showing the edge of the clouds, she was gone. I saw what she did to the players. And everything was quiet, not even a breath of wind. I had only shared an energy dance once before, and it was very different. This one was not over, I knew that.

She thinks I am Chatti, but my brother thinks that too...he was not born yet when they found me. My parents never knew where I came from, but I will find out.

I hung my dress on the bird post and went into the water. The cold felt good, and helped to shake away the separation. The electric tingling feeling came from my head washing to my feet, and my senses came into focus again...now I had things to do...

Tsulsula  & Elew