Oona's Dream.

Evening approached on the third day, and Giselle bathed in a near frozen steam near their camp. The fierce hunger in Oona's eyes was unmistakable as she watched the young girl dry herself by the fire.

"Do you need blood." Giselle asked so matter of factly, it momentarily left Oona speechless.

"Badly, but I dare not little morsel, If I take even a drop I shall surely loose all control, and my Mother would never forgive my harvesting you so close to the festival."

"Harvesting ... I've never heard you use the word before."

"It's impolite, but you are food to us, so ultimately there is no better word."
Giselle drained a nearly empty wine skin. Then quick as thinking lay open a cut on her arm, and let the red blood flow into the skin, till it was half full. When she judged it was enough, she bound the wound expertly, as a Mardii woman should. She stepped close to Oona handing her the skin, "All the same, I cannot watch one so dear to me starve. Take this with my blessing."

Oona took the skin with trembling hand, and quickly brought it to her lips. Shooting the rich red blood down her throat while it was still hot. Oh it was bliss, and there was so much more where that came from, she closed her eyes and sat shaking. Wrestling with her promise to her mother to protect this girl, her promise to Giselle as well, who was dear to her, and her terrifying thirst for blood.

For a long moment Oona let the rich hot blood wash down, and savored the bliss of hot blood pouring into her cold veins. She felt her proud frame trembling, her hunger mounting. Opening her eyes she took Giselle's hand gently by the finger tips. Drawing her close, she pulled the girl down and rolled on top of her, the rich black earth beneath them. Nuzzling the morsel's nose, Oona kissed her lightly, pausing, looking down on Giselle, fierce hunger dancing in her eyes. "Oh, you little temptress. I should gobble you up right now. Let all your lovely blood flow down into my aching belly."

Giselle arched her neck and kissed her. "I wouldn't blame you. Your aura is so hot, I can feel your hunger as though it where my own, and the bliss in your belly from those few drops of my blood." then she nuzzled close, caressing Oona.

Oona's finger tips caressed Giselle in turn, "Your so fearless."

"What have I to fear? I cant remember a time before I knew, that one day I would know that final kiss, and you know I have never feared your kiss."

"Shall I then."

"The choice is yours."

"Well then, my dearest Morsel." Oona breathed deep, basking in Giselles scent as she savored the word, "You have my permission to be delicious." She smiled a very wicked smile before leaning in and sealing her lips to Giselle's neck.

"but your mother, may not be pleased." Giselle Sighed.

"Oh, your such a tease." Oona pouted, a whisper.

"I'm not teasing dearest." carressing Oona's rich black mane, "This lovely moment, the air chilled to just the most gentle bite. The winter sun so bright, the woods so still, I'll never be more ready to surrender to your kiss. It is because I love you that I must remind you of your dear mother, for if she feels you have cheated her, you know her wrath will be terrible."

"We could return here after festival, to this very spot. We could share this moment again. You might even give yourself to me."

"It would not be the same, it might be lovely but it would not be this moment. Tell me though what do you mean, how would I give myself to you."

"If you where say aloud, "I Giselle give myself to Oona, then you would be mine, all mine, and I would not have to share a drop of your blood with another soul in the Nine Worlds, not even mother. You would be mine to take when and as I please."

"You've always said I would be the greatest gift you ever gave to Mother."

"and you will be my sweet child, but don't blame me for wanting you all for myself. It is I who have kissed your skinned knees, and told you fairy stories. I who pressed your sleeping cheek to my bosum, while your mother and I charted the course of the Mardii. As you matured it was I who taught you to read the stars, and the craft of the healer. We have shared so much you and I, of course I want you, to be the cup that holds you, to cherish every last drop of sweet blood, and hold it, hold you, in myself for all time."

"And I would be yours, to take as and when you like."


"Yes, ... it was your loving hands that bound my cuts and bruises, your soft bosom that pillowed my head when I was to restless to sleep, your soft voice that indulged me with every fairy story in the nine worlds, and long summers days, and winters nights you spent teaching herb, and root, and star. You have been a second mother to me. I love you as dearly as I have ever loved anyone."

Now Giselle arched again and kissed Oona so very lightly. Then looking straight into Oona's eyes she said in soft, but unwavering voice. "I Giselle de Mardii, give myself to Oona, Daughter of Tsulsala, Princess of Kur."


"Oona, do I still have your permission," she paused, and Oona cocked her head slightly puzzled; grinning mischieviosly, she added, "... to be Delicious." caressing Oona's belly was she added the last.


"Then Feast!"

Oona's teeth slipped past Giselle's skin and she took a great draught, and both moaned with the bliss of it. Giselle gripping her tightly. Oona paused a moment and whispered, "You are sooo delicious."

"You are 'Well Pleased?'" Giselle sighed petting her mane.

"Very Well Pleased." Oona Breathed and sealed her lips to Giselles neck for the second draught, it was sooo magickal, Oona was trembling with the pure bliss of it. No mortal had ever affected her so before, but then again had she ever truely loved another mortal. Now Giselle's embrace grew slack, her mortal life hung by a thread and she was on the edge of darkness.

"You will forever be part of me, my most beloved child."

"I know."

Now Oona leaned down and placed the final kiss on Giselle's neck. She delicately drew the spirit from Giselle's mortal flesh, and into herself. Oona paused, savoring Giselle's spirit, as it blended with and became part of her own, totally lost in the pure bliss of that moment.

Oona's vision whirled, wrenched towards a mind of awesome power. Now all she could see were Tsulsala's eyes, burning with a towering rage.

Oona snapped up from her reverie, Giselle's head was gently pillowed upon Oona's thigh, the mortal girl slept snuggled close a vision of absolute trust. She roused her self just a moment, whispered, "It was a lovely dream." and drifted back off to sleep.