Pandora's Lessons: The Birth of the Ara

The Murian's reckon time in terms of Rebirths of the Ara, Pandora was perhaps 10 years old, and by now she knew this, she was high up in a tree house with Auntie Rachel who was carefully charting the stars in their courses, as was the duty of the 5th of the Nine. She noted the Red Star Rising, and lit a candle; she would note how much had burned when the moon rose behind him.

Pandora said to her, "If mother is the 7th Rebirth of the Ara - then there must have been a time before, a time before she was born?"

"Yes, she has taken you to Comeco, you have seen the First Tree, planted in the time after that first birth."

"Yes, but she has never told me how she came to be there, how she came to be in that place to meet gentle Horus; and plant the first tree."

Rachel Answered, "Even the Wisest do not know, but I will tell you all I know, little as that is, ..."


Ara was in the Gardens of Thebes, standing beside a still blue pool, a pool like so many others that had formed when the spirits of water had rose up from deep within the earth to be nearer her song; even in those days your mothers power with the Elementals of Water was unrivaled. Yet on this day she was not singing, she was listening instead; listening to a song that tugged at her heart as no other song ever had before dear child.

Now Isis saw her, came to her, pressed a hand to her shoulder, and a kiss to her cheek and asked her, "What troubles you my child?"

"This song, this song it makes me feel things I have never felt before, see things I have never seen before; it calls to me as no song I have ever known; do you hear it?"

"I hear it's whisper child, but it does not stir my inner vision as it does yours, this song is for you Ara; tell me what do you see?"

"I see a woman, a woman in the Garden Mura, her man has lit a fire in her womb; she sings a song to Ki, her song calls for a spirit, a spirit to fill the child growning in her womb; she is ready; ready for that first kick."

Ara closed her eyes, and breathing deeply as if touched by a deep sadness she paused a long moment, but continued; "And I see this also, A great and wonderous woodland, a place that is yet to be but it will be my place. I see a people, a people who are yet to come, but each of them will be my children, till Daughter, and Grand Daughter and Grand daughter's Grand Daughter are unto a Mountain each standing on the shoulder of those who will come after them; and they will live and love and sing for a long age of the world; under the eaves of those lovely woods; And the voice of each one of them joins in song, and calls on me to open the gates that will let them into the world."

"Then you must go to them." Said Isis

"Must I, You have heard the rumblings of Kur; You as well as I know Set Stirs in the deep abyss beyond, soon very soon he must burst out of Kur and bring war to the world; Is not my place here? Is not my place beside Ra and Fierce Innana? Is it not my destiny to meet our great foe with Lance and Mace? What if this war should come when I am but a babe in this woman's arms? And even if I am grown, If I have accepted a Mortals life will I have half the strength to stand beside my Kin?"

Isis smiled, she understood, "Indeed there is no healer that is your equal in the Nine Worlds, and if the choice was mine, I would have you here to tend the fallen on the day of that terrible battle we all know is coming all to well."

"I would not wait here!" Ara said suddenly. "I will tend my kin on the field amid the cries and mayhem; I will stand over them, and guard them, and slay our foes!"

"I know, I have not forgotten how brightly the Red Star shown the night you were born I see it now renewed in your eyes; my fierce and beautifal Daughter, And we will sorely miss you in that hour, "Isis Paused Turned to Ara taking her hands in her own, "And I may live to see one of my own children fall in that hour, children that might not have fallen had you been here to save them; but Ara your destiny calls to you; and and if this is the Wisdom of the Dragon we dare not deny it ... go ... go now ... go to your children and do not look back.

Then Ara kissed dear mother Isis and dropping her Green Gown to the Earth, she entered the pool; She would be not seen in Thebes again for many a long year; but in that moment, somewhere in Mura a woman felt her child's first Kick.

We know so little of her, Mother of our Mother, Ilmatar of the Ilmater for much of what was once remembered was lost in the turning of the great wheel, the ruin of the Golden age, and the Birth of this Silver Age; but these few things we know, Her name was Mimir; Which Pandora knew meant both Raven, and Memory in the language of her people; Her hair was black as Raven's Wings; and every Murian since has bore this Mark, this Raven Hair, a memory of the Mother of our Great Mother; Grand Mother to us all.

Like her we have always been Women of Song, like her we have always smiled for the day but loved the Night! Your mother remembers so very little of her, it was so very long ago, and so much was lost in the turning of the Great Wheel; but once she told me she remembers this ... her mother was Dancing, Dancing with a Joy that shone from her like a Sun, and your mother asked why she was so happy,

And Mimir said, "To Sing Ara! To Sing is to be Alive, but to Dance my Daughter to Dance is to be a Woman!" And Rachel took Pandora's hands by the Finger Tips and they Danced.

Ama tu ANKI.