The Sea of Chaos.

Pandora was sitting by the window watching it rain; the gentle patter on the windows, was like subtle music to her ears. She seemed particularly thoughtful in that moment, and Ara knew that expression, knew it meant her dear daughter was wrestling with questions, that she herself might never ask.

Ara brought them each a mug of steaming cider and asked her daughter, "Tell me, what are you thinking now girl, what question brings such a cloud to your face.

Pandora took a long sip from her cup; thinking just how to put her Question to Ara; "Do you remember the time we slaughtered the Goblins, and Hunted the Chaos Witch?"

Of Course Child.

Just before you found her you said to the Captain of the Chattii, "she is too near I smell the stench of Chaos she will not escape me."

Yes I did, the Stench of Chaos was thick in the Air Child, when you have completed your training as 4th of the Nine, you will be able to smell it too child.

"But the Dragon was born of the Chaos Mother, and Lady Isis, Lady Freydga and other Gods; if the Chaos is so evil, how can it give birth to so much that is good?

"Come with me" Answered Ara, and they left the castle on foot together with only as hooded cape for shelter.

They walked to a clearing not far from Keep, and Ara began to sing, as she sang the wind came up, the Clouds boiled and Rain and Lightening Lashed.

Look at the Clouds Child what to you see.

That one looks like a Great Bird, and that one has heads like so many horses, and that one like a Battle Barge of Thor.

"Very Good; The Chaos is very like that Child; try to imagine a Sea of Cloud, so great that the Vault of what we call heaven is just a little ball, rolling in the sea of cloud." Pandora Nodded, "Just as the Ariels are the spirits of these clouds, this great Sea of Cloud has a Spirit; it's name is known to the wise, but you must never speak that name, unless great need presses you." again Pandora nodded, "The Spirit of this sea of cloud, is always dreaming, we call him the Dreaming God.

Like the clouds above us the clouds of the spirit of Chaos take shapes; Shapes rising and falling in those clouds like bubbles in a pot of boiling water. Most, nearly all, exist for just a moment, and are just as soon gone. Nations of Men, Forests of Trees, Great Seas, and Armies of Demons, all are born, live, and cease in the wink of an Eye; though some of the Wise believe that for them in that moment they feel they have lived their whole lives, remember histories that seem to stretch back an age of the world.; All you need know now is that they do exist, for that brief moment.

Once in a great while the Chaos births something with the Will to Live, and the Strength to Endure, that does not just fall back into the Churning Sea. In this way The Dragon was Born, and Mother Isis, and Lady Freydga, and all those we call the First Gods; Yet at the same time, so too were was Set Birthed, and Rul, and many lesser shadows. You see child, when Chaos gives birth to a Thing; is most often births things in Pairs, one Lighter and One Dark. So Set is the Shadow of Mura, and Rul was the Shadow of Osiris.

You see Child while the Dreaming God is not Evil, it is simply not good either, instead the Dreaming God simply dreams; its mind is filled with endless possibilities and each of these might well be born into the world, and each thing born because it was born of the Chaos, has the stuff of Chaos deep with-in, even you and I child, have a drop of chaos stuff deep with-in us.

A Chaos Witch can call on that drop of Chaos in a thing, to bend a Wolf into a Gnoll, or a call Goblins out of the stuff of the Earth. Like the Dreaming God, Chaos knows no law, no boundary, no love, no compassion, no restraint; only possibility, and so it is more easily bent to the purposes of evil than of good. Many have tried to master the ways of Chaos, and bend them to the Good, but nearly all go mad. Just as the Chaos Witch that was slain I am sure set down the road to her fate, feeling she was strong enough, and wise enough to bend Chaos to the power of the Good, but instead it bent her into it's madness.

I think I understand.

I know, I know it is a hard thing to understand, because all things good or ill are born of the Chaos; your beautiful spirit was born of the Chaos; and I am most glad that it was born of the chaos, and drawn into this world by the will and power of the Dragon; So together we might help her heal and grow. The Chaos is not evil, without it life itself could not flourish, because like the Chaos, life is always changing. You see that drop of Chaos in all living things in their constant need to change, to grow, to express themselves. But Chaos unchained can be a terrible thing. It is the power of Law, that comes from the Will of the Dragon, that Balances the Chaos in all things touched by the waters of the Nammu, and gifts us with this beautiful world.

Thank you Mother, I think I understand, the storm is so lovely, shall we dance with the Ariels you summoned.

"Yes, let us honor them with a Dance." And so Lady Ara, and Pandora, did set to Dancing amid the wind and rain Singing the Songs of the spirits of each in the High riches voices of the Murian.

Ama tu ANKI. .