The Last Letter of Pandora De Anar

I am old, I will soon see the return of the dark plow, and with it comes death, as I know, as my people have known for countless generations; I face it without fear; what have I to fear; I long for rebirth, to hold sweet Breid fair and young in my arms again; to nurse his sons and daughters; to wake more than I sleep... for it has been sometime since that was true.

This, This my Daughters is my last letter before I leave this world.

Do not Cry for me, I am the Daughter of a Goddess, I will be reborn in Glory to bare Daughers of my own.

I ... I am Pandora de Anar.

I sleep now, I sleep more than I wake, and though I am not a dream seer, though I have not the trainging nor talents of the Second of the Nine; I have seen much in my dreams I must now share with you, for what I have seen breaks my heart; and yet swells my pride.

A Time will come .. A terrible time, when we have been all but forgotten, when the name of the Goddess will be struck from every pillar and post, and none will remember the Dragon and her glory but a precious few; and yet in this hour of deepest night, the world will need you most of all.

You, Witch, Gypsy, Romanie, Stregia; you you will be there; and your hair black as coal will mark you. Everywhere where men tell whisper stories of 'Wicked Women' will you be there, women of Jet Black hair who call no man master, but Echo, Echo back to the Mardii, to the Murian, to the Mother of us All. To ARA.

How, how terribly I wish I did not see, what I have foresaw, But I have seen it, I have seen how you will be hated, and Hunted and burned. I have seen you die in your thousands and tens of thousands. I have seen you tortured mercilessly for deniying the Deity of a Pitiless God.

but I have seen this too. ...

Women in Secret Whispers, and Men in the Dark of Night. Come to you for Healing, for Fortune, for simple Love.

And I say to you ... Though you Burn, in a Burning to Dwarf the Fall of Sacred Anar, Have Courage, for you, you are the Daughter of a Goddess.

Some of you will have Red Hair, and some Gold, as so many of my Daughters and Grand Daughters do, but it is the Raven hair of my people that will mark you above all else. Straight as falling water and black as Raven's Wings it will mark you, carry that mark with pride for it is not your curse; but rather it is a gift, a great gift if you accept it ...

For you, are my Daughter, and you are the Grand Daughter of a Goddess, and not any Goddess, but a Goddess the Chattii Call Valekrie. You carry the Sacred Blood of a Woman of Surpassing Courage, a woman who gave her life again and again for a dream called Anar.

Take pride in those Tresses, comb them out straight and long and Lovely; Marvel in their beauty for they are your link to a Goddess, she who was born of Isis, Isis who was shelter by the Dragon, the Dragon who witnessed the Dawn of Time and the making of the world, they are your link to the birth of creation itself.

Magick, is in your Voice, Fire at your finger tips, and Courage beats in your Bosum, it can be no other way for you... my hated, hunted, cursed; utterly beautifal Daughters, for you carry the Blood of the Lady, and NO MAN can truely kill you if you do not wish to die.

A Time will come, A terrible time, the Dragon will be sick with Fever and the world will seem ready to Die, The Gods of Man will fail them, ... then will come your moment if you can sieze it, A time to step forward, A time to Rebirth the world, a time for a New Dawn and a Rebirth of the Ara.

And you, and Only You, You who carry her blood can rebirth her into this world.

I know I say this with my Last Breath, So have Courage, My beloved Daughters. Pandora.

As Recorded by Dianna the III,
Granddaughter of Dianna, Handmaid of Pandora,
She who was First born to the 7th Rebirth of the Ara. Ama tu ANKI.