Welcome to Mura

It is the time of the Turning of the Great Wheel the Iron Age is Dawning and Chattii man spills out of their cradles to claim dominion over the world.

For the Daughters of the Silver Age it is a twilight time, and one last refuge remains to them, a place to Laugh, Love and Raise Children. A place filled with Song and Beauty and Magick. As the wheel turns they return to their beginnings, to their most Ancient home, a Sacred Grove.

To a place called Anar.

The Daughters of Kur.

I am Tsulsala,

for 6000 years I have ruled the night. Queen of Hunger, Mistress to Shadow, but it was not always so...

Once I was the Narrar, Goddess of the New Moon, Last Seed of Osiris sowed in the womb Isis. I am a lover of Dance, Lover of Song, Lover of Life, and my sweet scribe has given me voice to share my tales with you, Tales of my Fall, Tales of my Love, but mostly the tale of how my Immortal life became entangled with the life of a young mortal, her mother, and her people. I do hope you will take moment for my stories.

A Murian Glossary

In the 10 years since I have returned to writing these stories the outlines of a Uniquely Murian Language begin to emerge; If I say to you that Lady Ara lives in the Hall or Keep of Luna; that brings to mind one image, but if I say to you she lives in Casade Luna - that brings to mind a mystery; and now, your mind devoid of the preconceptions a Hall or Keep implies is ready, hopefully eager to learn, that a Casade is a Murian home, the walls of which are made of lacquered paper, much like there armor; the columns of which are living trees. That it takes 100 years to prepare a Casade, but in the long slow life of a Murian; this is a routine thing.

Other things are well know, but seen very differently; Love Making has long been my chief example; while Murian love making is in no technical way any different than ours; our whole culture is built around a 'Sex is Conquest Model' even Sara Mclachlan in one of the most beautiful songs I know, sings to her lover that 'Sweet Surrender is all I have to Give." To the Murian, this would be utterly alien, and so another language had to be established; an language centered around the Murian Concept of Sharing Bliss.

So I recently sat down and pulled together a Glossary of Murian Words, Phrases and Ideas. I hope it answers any questions that arise in a readers mind while reading the stories; still that is impossible, so please feel free to write me if something remains unclear; who knows your question might even inspire a story.

Rebecca of Ulmas

She is a woman born at the dawn of our time, as Warrior's and Conquerors, push out the Ancient Veneration of the Goddess and remake God in their own image. She is a Priestess Born to an Amazon in a temple of the Goddess Ki, An Oasis where the sacred presence of the Queen of Heaven and Earth is felt and revered. She is a Nu-Gig, a woman whose very person becomes the bridge between heaven and earth; between the Goddess and her Devotee's, a role women would embrace for thousands of years in temples to Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus well into the historical period, but a role our patriarchal culture simply has been unable to understand. I hope you will put aside your preconceptions for a while and venture in the world of Rebecca of Ulmas.

Designer's Notes: When I was a young man I played a lot of SPI war games, at the back of each games rule book was a section called designers notes, where in the designer(s) had the opportunity to talk about the game, its design, its subject, and sometimes more personal/philosophical stuff the subject of the game brought up. So my designers notes are just that as well as a tribute to them. Blessings, BB.

Copy write: Mura, Anar, Ara, Tsulsala, the Mardii and all things Murian are the copy write of Thomas "BB" LaValley, all rights reserved. c2004 c2001 please do not use them without my permission. If you feel you have something to add to the Stories and narrative; feel free to contact me, while I maintain editorial privilege as to what goes up on this site; I welcome and encourage other voices to share in the exploration of Mura. Blessings, BB.