It is the time of the Turning of the Great Wheel the Iron Age is Dawning and Chattii man spills out of their cradles to claim dominion over the world.

For the Daughters of the Silver Age it is a twilight time, One last refuge remains to them, a place to Laugh, Love and Raise Children. A place filled with Song and Beauty and Magick. As the wheel turns they return to their beginnings, to their most Ancient home, a Sacred Grove.

To a place called Anar.

Pandora's Lessons

Where-in we meet Pandora, a young Murian Girl and discover along with her the ways and life of the Murian People.

The Nine are the foundation of Murain society, so to the characters in the stories that follow it is very often the case that their place is just understood. To the reader however, it may not be so clear. In this sketch Ara, on the occasion of Claudia's birth, explains to our little Pandora the place and offices of The Nine

Be as a Flower: To be One with Sacred Anar that is the most treasured gift to the Murian. In this Story, that might also be a guided Mediation, Ara teaches Pandora to be as a flower.

The Fair Peoples: Race is of course a very divisive issue in our world, and at the same time a very visible aspect of Mura, in this story Pandora learns about the nature and roles of the various Fair Peoples in the world of Mura.

Anar is the home of the Murian, the Sacred Garden of Isis, planted by her Sun Horus at the dawn of the Silver Age. In this story Pandora is introduced to the beautiful homeland of her people. In some ways this is the most important story, for Anar is the Soul of the Murian. In a sense the Land and People are a sacred couple for without the Murian there would be no Anar, but without Anar there would be no Murian.

The First Tree: Sit down if you would beside Ara and Pandora and lend an ear to the story of the first tree.

To Be First of the Nine: There must come a moment when a woman's life changes. When she ceases to be simply Ara, and becomes The Ara. Its not really much of a Story, but it tells the tale of the Ceremony that marks that passage, and honestly I think its beautiful.

Birth: As the Stories Progress we have come to understand that Pandora's Mother Ara, is no Ordinary Women; nor even an Ordinary Murian; but a 'Mortal Goddess' - The 7th Rebirth of The Ara, in this story Pandora's Auntie Rachel shares with her, and us, the story of the birth of the Murian People.

Uttu: Of course not all Pandora's Lessons are lessons as such, the story of UTTU is more the sort of tale she might hear beside the family hearth before bedtime. In fact, one can almost hear Ara's soft voice telling the tale. Still like most good bedtime stories it contains a lesson. The stories often refer to a stain of shadow, and even though the stain of shadow on Uttu is quite small, it costs him dearly.

The Seasons: Where in Pandora learns of the Wheel of the Year, and the Place of the Gods in the Great Round.

The Dark Mirror: Where-In Pandora meets Tsulsala, and begins to Learn of the Nine Worlds, and how they relate to one an Other.

Changing Clothes: A short lesson on the meaning of winter.

Prophecy: In this story Pandora is told the Prophecy of the Ara, and of the end of Anar.

The Sea of Chaos: Beyond Good and Evil, Beyond Set and the Dragon, Beyond all opposites, there lies the Dreaming God, and the Sea of Chaos, the source of all that is and can be.

Sacred Queens of Anar

Wolf Song: On the Borders of Kur, under the Eaves of Anar, Claudia finds herself confronted with an Ancient and Deadly Chaos Beast, and we, we get a glimpse of the world through her very different eyes.

Life: Pandora and Claudia are young women now learning their place in the scheme of life with-in Sacred Anar; as they grow into there womanhood they begin to grow apart - As Pandora grows towards her destiny as Regina, her sister begins down another path, as uncertain as Pandora's seems fixed.

Esa, the First Archer: Our mythology is riddled with Rape, Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Hades; Rapists All; and until very recently in our history they were not judged harshly, instead their violence was celebrated as a mark of their virility. Now Imagine a people who have never known Rape, have no word for it because the act is simply unimaginable to them; In this story we are introduced to the Murian concept of Sharing Bliss; to the Art of their Archery, and to one of the great divides between the Murian people from we Chattii.

A Daughter of Kur: While Tsulsala is not as important a Character to most of these stories, as she is to the Daughters of Kur Series, she is never the less always present, always watching, a nameless fear; in this story A Daughter of Kur stalks the Borders of Anar, slaying all who cross her path to feed her merciless hunger; this is easily the bloodiest story in the series, but it is also the story that most clearly states Tsulsala's menace, her power, and why she is the most feared of all Powers in Mura.

Sharing Bliss, A Tale of Claudia de Anar: The Vampire Imma was gone, hunted by the Chattii and taken by the Wolf Mother as twilight gave way to night. Afterwards the Hunting party had pressed on for home deep into the night, but as they lay down to sleep Lord Vinzenz who has been Claudia's shield bearer on this hunt asks her to share bliss with him; The bond between Archer and Shield bearer is sacred to the Murian, and Claudia lovingly acceeds to his request; as subsequent events unfold, Claudia is confronted with questions and choices she could not have imagined, as the fundemental differences between Chattii and Murian concerning this most basic of Questions come to the fore.

Engaria: Katira's Lesson: As the women of Casade Horus gather for the annual harvest fete, we meet Engaria once again, and get a glimpse of this Fierce and Beautiful woman through the eyes of a young one.

Pandora's Letter's: In The Daughters of Kur.series Untermund is often mentioned, but never explored. In this story we accompany Pandora to Untermund, a city she could have never expected; never imagined; and where she just happens to fall in love.

Pandora's Song: Pandora return's homecoming to Anar after her adventures in Untermund turns out most disquieting, it seems not everyone approves of the choices she made while she was away, but it is also turns out to be the moment when she truly comes of age. In this story more than any other we explore and experience the Bianna, that sacred and powerful Murian art which is the both the Heart of their Magick, and the Soul of the Murian People.

Claudia: Blood of the Lady, with Pandora and her Mother in Untermund, Claudia is called upon to face a threat to Anar; and while her power to meet the threat is never really in doubt, the Questions she asks her self about the uses of that power, and the Answers she finds, make this one of my favorite stories.

A Last Walk in the Garden: A Tale of Claudia de Anar, The Murian's say the Male lives in the Present, this is his moment, and the Woman carries the Future; as Claudia leaves our stories and this stage she is confronted with a question concerning her own present, and the future of Pandora's Children; the choices she makes, and just why she makes them make this one of my own favorite stories.

The Last Letter of Pandora de Anar, Long Years have past, Breid his chattii life spent is long gone, and Pandora herself feels the approach of the "Dark Plow" and in those final moments she gifts us with this, a letter to us; to our time; to those will will decend from her Mardii Childen and fullfill her final destiny in the world. Ama tu ANKI.

A Murian Glossary

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Designers Notes: The thing about any world is that there are things that the adults are just assumed to know and to my mind it becomes awkward at times to introduce an audience to them; and certainly to have to harp on them in Story after Story; so with The Nine I began to write a series of 'Back Stories' about a little Murian Girl named Pandora and along with her and through her eyes we set out to explore Anar, and Mura as a whole.

But something happened along the way; the stories, as stories will, took on a life of their own and became more than just back stories, some of them became tales worthy of telling in their own right; which is which I leave to you dear reader, I have included nearly all the stories in this index.

In time Pandora and her Sister Claudia as the grew from little Girls into young women, as they begin to make choices and confront questions that will shape there own lives, and as 'Blood of the Lady' the lives and Destiny of the Murian People. As the stories wind there way through the maze of their Narrative more and more is revealed to us; Things I did not imagine at all when I set out on this Journey through Anar with you, and with them.

In time we learn Pandora is destined to be Regina, First of the Nine and, Heir apparent to her mother The Ara. Meanwhile other Stories introduce us to Claudia, who we discover is a healer, a woman who sees a deep sacredness in all life, and who finds herself born into a family of Kshatriyas if I might use the word. Her stories, Life and Claudia ask us to consider how much to we truly value life, do our actions reflect our words.

Of course as Pandora and Claudia come of age as young women, they discover the joys of 'sharing bliss' and take their first lovers; because any story that approaches this subject honestly must contain some erotic content; and it turns out given the polygamous moirés of Untermund there is also something of a d/s element to those scenes.

This leaves me with a certain dilemma as a writer; in that I believe there is much of value for even younger readers in the earlier stories; but material that some definitely might find objectionable in the later - and so I have chosen for now to withdraw those stories that have significant erotic content; Nuff said.

As a Pagan I am open to the Idea of Channeling, and as an 'Author' I am often pleased and suprised by Pagan friends who find value and truth in these stories. Does Anar really exist out there somewhere in what Micheal Moorcock described at the Million spheres; I dont know, ... I can only say this for sure, It is very often the case that the stories write themselves; that on the first time though any given tale I have no more Idea where the story is going than you do dear reader; or if I do know where the story will end, I have no clue the road it will travel to get there.

I have overtime come to love these characters, almost as Family, Ara, Pandora, and Claudia, they are quite real to me I am always intrigued when they share a moment of their lives in Anar with me, I do not consider myself the true Author of these tales, merely their scribe; and who knows what yet awaits to be revealed in time. Ama tu ANKI, BB.