Designer Notes.

Along time ago now, when I was in collage, and I ran into this quote attributed to Hesiod.

Of the Silver Age: "A child was brought up at his good mother's side an hundred years, an utter simpleton, playing childishly in his own home. But when they were full grown and were come to the full measure of their prime, they lived only a little time in sorrow because of their foolishness, for they could not keep from sinning and from wronging one another, nor would they serve the immortals, nor sacrifice on the holy altars of the blessed ones as it is right for men to do wherever they dwell. Then Zeus the son of Cronos was angry and put them away, because they would not give honor to the blessed gods who live on Olympus."

And I realized that hidden behind the contempt, and the slander was the vaguest memory of a Matriarchal People; and I wondered who they were, and what their stories would be like. So, I began writing these stories set in a magical place called Mura. I was on the cusp of becoming Pagan myself at the time, and my sprituality informed the stories, and the stories have informed my spirituality; then and now. Just a simple thing like 'Making Love' how would a people that have never known Patriarchy, who have no word for rape, express that Idea ... you will find in the stories if you read them, the Murians refer to love making as "Sharing Bliss"; and I have come to think of loving as Sharing Bliss as well. It is these "small" ideas that concern me more than the Earth Changes of other Fantasy fiction. There is no "War of the Ring" in my stories, and I doubt there ever will be ... the stage is small, the stories personal, the drama intimate. In this way I feel they are very much women's stories, and indeed overwhelmingly the important charactors are women. I have long considered myself I Dianic, and the stories refect that garment.

I wrote the first Mura stories almost 30 years ago now, At the time I was reading alot of fantasy. Tolikien, Moorcock and Jane Gaskell, where favorite authors, I think Micheal still has the greatest influance to this day, but from the beginning the stories went their own way; like Michael I am fascinated with the problem of evil, but my answers are rather unlike his, and so then are the stories.

In the Stories, the Whisper of the Dragon is important, in my writing the whisper of the story is just as important. I dont plan them, I dont craft them, I dont sculpt them. I listen to an inner voice and put down what wells up from with-in. It is my privlage to listen to them first, and I hope you will enjoy them as I do. Is this voice my own subconscious, My Ba, or something else outside of myself entirely, even Tsulsala, surely she has come to dominate the stories like no other charactor. I honestly dont know, I only know I could never have predicted so much of what does well up, that I have learned just step aside, let go and put down what comes. Over the course of 2nd and 3rd drafts I sometimes smooth out the language, but just as often I slip back into the flow of the story and more new material wells up. When I am really deep in a story, Im sure I am in some sort of light trance, but I dont know how to describe the state of mind in any more detail. Like any act of Mysticism it simply has to be experianced to be described, and once experiance description is redundant.

My wife says the stories read like the Norse Myths, for better and worse, and I think she is right. I love the myths, and the stories have the sweep of them, but they lack much of the detail found in more modern fiction. The people recounting the myths did not have to describe a Lodge, a Dragonship, or a Bow in loving detail; because these things where common knowlege and the audiance it was assumed would know full well what was being described. So perhaps I have down played some of the detail other writers indulge in, and audiances seem to love, but for me it is important to keep that feel of an oral tradition. I prefer to think of myself as a Story Teller, more than a Writer; certainly not an Author; so the stories are divided into sections that could be told in one long winters evening beside a crackling fire.

I deeply apprciate your feedback, please write if you have encouragement to share, or constructive critizim to offer. email BB. If however you just feel the need to flame, please dont bother we both have better things to do. Blessed Be All. BB