The Prophecy of the Ara

Pandora clomped along on her small pony, riding slowly along side Bevel, and Lady Argento the 4ht of the Nine. She stopped at a tree, and caressing the leaves with her finger tips, paused a long while in thought. After she had given the child a long moment Lady Argento asked Pandora what clouded her mind.

This is the tree, the tree under which we found the Goblins, the Tree you replanted lady.

Yes it is.

She has grown so very tall already.

Yes she was well blessed, and I believe your mother has returned here, and given this little one her own blessing, and that is a mighty thing.

Yes, so I am learning; Is mother truly a Goddess Lady.

Your mother is very special Pandora, indeed I don't believe there is another soul quite like her in the Nine Worlds. She is a Daughter of Isis, and so some call her a Goddess; but she is also a Mortal, she has chosen a mortals soul journey, just as she has chosen to return to us, time and again, to walk this world made flesh tend the garden and care for her people.

It seems so strange.

You are still young, for now it is enough for you to know, she is your mother, and she loves you very much, more than anything else in The Nine Worlds.

"Not more than Anar." Said Pandora a bit sadly.

"Pandora!" answered Lady Argento a bit shocked.

"It's true, you know it's true. Mother Loves Anar more than anything else in the Nine Worlds. Sometimes in my dreams I can still see her face, they way it looked when she killed the Goblins, or the Chaos Witch. I see her Raging in my dreams sometimes and its so frieghtening, but I cant cry out; Mother loves Anar, and hates anything that would hurt Anar with a terrible hate.

The Lady dismounted, and pulled Pandora from her Pony. She sat the child down beside her in the shade of the Tree.

"You have ridden with your mother to Comešo, to the place of beginning, you have seen the First Tree." Pandora nodded a small nod, "Since the birth of the First Tree every seedling in Anar comes down from that Great Grandmother of all Tree's, and so it is with your Mother. You have been born from her womb, and that makes you very special; but every Murian is the child of her children.

Bevels people are gifted in having Seven Mothers; so the Chattii might have Hair of Gold, or Flame, Brown of Black. Their eyes are blue, or green or brown; but we, our people we are all very much the same. Pale Skinned, with Ravens hair, and Ravens Eyes; there is no mistaking a Child of the Ara for anything else; and all of us, each of us born of this great family that is the Murian, each of us has been born, lived, loved, toiled and Played in Anar; and when our bodies grow weary and our spirits return to Thebes, each of us will be put to our rest here in Anar.

Yes your mother loves Anar, at first she loved it because it was her sacred charge from Horus himself to tend his Sacred Garden; but Even Horus never guessed that she would return, time and again, life after life to take up his charge and tend the Garden through the long ages of the world. No there is more to it than the Charge of her Stewardship and the Gift of Horus, the gift he made to your mother when they planted the first tree. Anar is the home of her Children; Children beyond counting for Generations stretching back to the dawn of this age of the world.

It is as if Ara had a stone for each Child of hers that has ever been born under the leaves of Anar, and the mountain made of those stones, that is her love of Anar; but that does not mean, that you flesh of her flesh, and blood of her blood; that her love of you is not a mountain all its own.

Pandora hugged Lady Silver, "but the Chaos Witch said Anar would Burn." Mother would never allow Anar to Burn would she Lady?"

Bevel was sitting close by now and he said aloud, "No it's not a thing she would allow Pandora, but all things in this world will one day pass child, even the time of Sacred Anar."

"No I don't believe it, Mother would never allow it!"

Lady Argento Smiled to see the pure faith the child had in her mother, "It's time you heard the Story of the Prophecy Child.

It was in the time of the 5th Rebirth of the Ara, Many Many years ago now, before the time of Bevels Grandfathers, Grandfather. That Lady Ara had a Dream. She woke Lady Luscribia, who was the 7th of the Nine in those days, and together they went to the keeper of the Runes, Lady Sovidente

Lady Sovidente unlocked the great book of the people, and this is what Lady Luscribia wrote, I know for I have seen it with my own eyes.


I am the Ara of the Murian,
Listen my Children and Hearken to these words; A time will come when the Lance of the Men, and the Bows of Murian will drive the Last Dragons of Chaos from the Heavens, and the Last Goblins under ground. A Blessed Day, when it will seem all the foul folk will have been cleansed from the earth. And on that day, and in that Hour, Set will be driven to Despair. He will tremble in fear, and know that all the shadows spawned by his great shadow will never avail him in his unending struggle with our mother Mura who is the Dragon; and the world.

And in his fear and malice he will abandon the children of his shadow and set his mind and heart on seducing the powers of Chattii men; and although many will resist him, and many others defy him, Many more will be seduced and there will be a terrible war between the fair peoples.

For Seven Generations of Murian will there be War. The Bristlings will take shelter in the earth, the Faye in the Woods, and in the final hours of that terrible war when at last the Murian stand alone, They will be driven from the forest, and Sacred Anar will burn.

Then Set will lift his veil, and the children of his shadow will return to plague the world of Men.

Seven Generations of Men will pass, while creatures of shadow test the will of men of good heart, and when all hope seems lost; I will be reborn in that distant day; long years will pass as I grow into my womanhood, and our trials will be greater still. Then Under a full moon, on the day I come of age I will return to Comeco, and there I will sing.

The Roots of the First Tree are deep, and they will reach up to my song, with leaf and vine. The last Murian in the world where ever they are will hear my song and come to me. Each will touch me, and fall, and their spirit will pass through me, through the roots of the great tree, down deep into the earth to the Dragon who is Mura. Bristling, and Elf and Men will come too all peoples of stout heart who have not surrendered their will to the Shadow of Chaos will come.

Then the earth will shake, the world of men will fall to ruin, and the Dragon will Arise again from the Sea.

Her wrath which has been brewing through the 12 long ages of the world will spill over; she will over throw Sets fortress prison and dig him out as a badger digs out a rat. His minions will fall like wheat before her flame, and the thunder of her voice will fill the air; and shake the vault of the Heavens.

Set Will try to Gather the Shadows spawned by his great shadow unto himself, before the final conflict, but the Wolf Mother Tsulsala will rebel against him, and many of his barons will follow her, and they will Deny Set their great strength. While Mura has grown, and grown, and grown, with each soul born into her world and now returned to her.

At last the two enemies that have not seen one another since the dawn of the world will come together in mortal combat; and Set will fall before her rage in that hour, be unmade and return to the Chaos that spawned him.

The Battle done, Mura will honor the blessing of those children who have stood with her, she will return again to the sea - she will summon Isis and Freydga again from the Chaos to her; and together they will replant the garden, and rebirth the world. I will be reborn to Isis, and a Daughter will be reborn to me, and the from her will be born a new Murian people to plant new trees and keep a new home.

This my children is the fate of our world; but this fate is not a gift; no it will be hard won indeed, hard as it will be to endure. Our destiny can be lost to us; if we surrender to the shadow; if we are not true to our mother and lend her our strength, if we surrendur to dispair in the gathering dark.

Set knows this, and all his malice, and cunning, and fear are driven to this purpose; to deny us this fate, and steal our destiny, to ensure that his great enemy never rises again from the sea. So it is that we must never loose hope, we must never turn to Shadow, and abandon the First Mother of all Mothers, this is our Charge, our Sacred Purpose, and our intent in the World.

Ama tu ANKI.