The Fair Peoples.

Pandora wanted to play, she had brought out her little Lyre, and had been so bold to fetch Bevels pipes and was standing beside where he sat in the garden as Ara approached.

"But I want to play!"

"These flowers need moonlight Pandora, they will sprout in 3 days and must sprout under the full moon, I cannot play for your now."

"I'm Murian, I'm better than you, you must do what I say!" spat Pandora.

Bevel looked at her in disbelief and then turned sad eyes on the lady.

"Pandora, be silent."

"Yes Momma."

"Silent, be as a flower." and Pandora sat in what we would call a Lotus position, "You will watch Bevel till he is done, you will be mindful of all he does. I will look, I will see what you have learned."

Her chin bobbed, but she would not speak again with the fire so hot in her mothers Aura. The lady kissed Bevels cheek, "she has not heard these lies from me or my husband dear Bevel."

"I know dear lady, what shall I do"

"Tend the Garden, no more, no less, if she is in your way ask her to move, but you need pay no more notice of her than that dear Bevel."

But of course Bevel did, He loved Pandora as his Grandfather, had loved Ara. It was hard to believe that the Lady had been a child when Grandfather was young. He was gone now, and Ara was just entering into the prime of life for a Murian.

Bevel spoke aloud as he worked the garden, Telling Pandora how each bulb had to be felt. So that is was Laid in the ground just so that the lines of its Aura lay in line with the lines in the earth. Then we would cover the spot with this hands, he would envision the grown flower in his minds eye, full grown, blooming. A Silver petaled flower that blossomed under moonlight. He explained to her that he did not imagine some random flower in his minds eye, but envisioned each flower in the full of its bloom, the most perfect vision of what that given bulb could become. He asked the child to try herself, but she would not move.

So Bevel Sat close by her, he placed a bulb in her hands with a little earth, then he covered her hands with his and sang a little song. In Pandora's mind she saw the flower come into her vision. Saw it sprout and grow and bloom. Saw its petals open, saw the bee's gather. Then saw it whither and return to the earth with the dawn.

Bevel explained how the leaves must be gathered just before dawn on of the full moon. A tea brewed from these leaves gave great depth of inner sight to The Nine.

When he was done, Bevel took the child by the hand and led her to Ara.

Ara was sitting in a great Swing Chair under a lovely Ash. Pandora came to her paused just a step or two from the swing. Ara looked into her eyes, and saw all she had learned. "Its past time you learned the lore of the Fair Peoples Pandora, sit with me."

"Yes Mother."

"Bevel, if you would stay."

"Yes your ladyship."

"As you know our People, The Murian, where born to Mother Isis after she took Lorith as her husband. As a people the element of Water Runs most deeply in us and because of this we have the gift of inner sight, and are the strongest of the fair peoples in the art of Magick. Our people are Isis's gift to the Dragon it is our task to Aid Momma-Ki, and Mighty Horus in the Keeping of the Garden. This is our intent and the task appointed to us since the first tree was planted in Sacred Anar by Horus himself. "

And the Chatti Momma.

Bevels People where born of Momma Freydga, and they share her fire, her fierce heart, and her love of adventure. While we have largely stayed close to Anar, they have spread out boldly through the wide world, this is how they have found us.

As the Element of Fire burns deeply in them they are fierce Warriors, it is their intent to protect the Garden from the Goblins, Were creatures, and other lesser shadows that are stirred up by Sets Great Shadow. They are the Helpers of Thor, and Mighty Ra.

"But Bevel is no Warrior Momma?"

"If I may Lady."


"Although Fire runs most deeply in the Chatti as a people, that is not to say it runs most deeply in each Chatti. Just as Fire runs quite deeply in some Murian and those are Fearsome Warriors indeed. The Element of Earth runs deeply in my family and has for generations, we have always been farmers and gardeners, and my family has served yours for many generations. My grandfather also called Bevel could always hear the Lady's voice even as an infant, and was her man servant from the day she was born."

"So the Chatti serve the Murian."

"In this house Pandora, our people are longer lived and have more time to gather wealth unto themselves so it is more common. We also have an obligation not to hoard great wealth but to return it to the world by employing others less fortunate. However the Chatti Fire can serve them well, and sometimes a Chatti will in a single lifetime gather as much wealth as a Murian house has in many generations. Such houses often employ our people as Seer's and Healers."

"I think I understand, but what of the other elements Momma."

Momma Isis bore Osiris many children before he fell into shadow, some of them the brightest and most beautiful became the Gods of Thebes. They are born when the wanderers all gather in one house of the sky. At other times the Sacred Children are well blessed but they are not Gods. So it was that the Elves where born of Isis and Osiris. Momma-Isis is deepest in the Element of Water so they share many of our gifts. Father-Osiris was blessed in the Element of Air, and so his children shine with an inner light even in the dark of night. They are seldom seen anymore, but its their intent to maintain the very fabric of the world.

Now Momma-KI was working in the Garden and saw a beautiful shining mountain called Eb, she coxed its spirit out of Hiding and saw he was beautiful. She lay down with him by a stream and their child was Alur. He is the craftsman of the Gods. After many years of working alone he decided he needed helpers, so he fashioned 7 helpers who became the Fathers of the Bristlings, Of Stone from the Mountains, Earth from Fields of Mura, another from the Lands of the Chattii. Alur traveled far and wide finding just the right stone, or earth to fashion his helpers. It is said Telsha as fashioned from a Mighty Oak, who gave her wood to Alur for just this purpose.

However having never known a woman, Alur crafted no daughters. The Dragon however perceived what he had done and judged it good, so by her song she led Freydga to the hall of the Bristlings in their youngest days, and she gave birth to the mothers of their people.

"What of Spirit Mother, what of the 5th Element."

As I said Pandora sometimes, it is ever so rare all the wanderers in the sky will meet in one house, when they do they sometimes announce the birth of a God. It is then that one of the Greatest children is born to Isis or Freydga. That child will be great in the element of Spirit, but as Horus was born in under an Earth Sign and is the Patron of Bevels people, the God born that day will have province in matters concerning the element and sign under which the God or Goddess is born.

I understand now I think Momma.

She got out of Momma's lap and stood before Bevel, "I am so sorry, I have hurt you."

Bevel Hugged her close, "But now you have learned, and there is healing in that little one. Come with me tomorrow, we will tend the garden together."

Pandora bobbed her little chin. Bevel took up his pipes, and handed Pandora her lyre. "I think we have given enough time to words don't you?" Then he began to play. Pandora joined him, and Ara Singing in the Biana fashion of Murian women. In this way they drew all members of the house Murian and Chattii to them and filled the realm with music deep into the night.

Ama tu ANKI.