The First Tree.

Pandora's little pony, clomped along beside Ara's great mare. For three days they rode out of Casade Luna, deep into Sacred Anar. Then near noon on the third day the woods opened up on to a clearing at the center of which stood one tree. As they rode towards it for a long time the tree seemed to draw no closer, and Pandora slowly realized that the lawn around it was far larger, and the tree far taller than she imagined. After nearly an hour they finally reached the roots and trunk of this amazing tree.

Ara sat Pandora on the Lawn beside the tree, and told her to be as a flower, then Ara sat beside her and began to tell a tale.

* * * *

In the Dawn of our Time there was a woman, A Murian. This land all around us here was in ruin, Scared with great scars where the Lance of Ra, and the Spear of Set had struck the earth. Poisoned where the blood of Set had fallen. The earth was tormented, and all that had once lived withered. The woman cried for the ruin of all that had been beautiful, and feared that she too would soon perish for she was starving.

Out of the East came a man. Walking with a staff and a small sling pack. He was smaller than her. As our People had not yet met the Chatti, she did not have a name to call him, but he was more beautiful than any mortal. His skin shone like gold when bathed with Uttu's light.

"Blessed Be, Son of Isis" She said as he drew near. "Please if you have any food to spare in the sling, could you share it with me for I am so very Hungry."

"I have seeds here, precious seeds, to renew the Garden. I cannot feed you today, but please if you will assist me just one day. Tomorrow I will feed you."

She looked at him in wonder and said aloud, "How can you grow food in one day. What will you have tomorrow that you cannot share with me today."

"It is a wonder that cannot be told, but must truly be witnessed." was his answer.

The woman did not know how to reply. She thought to herself "Well I did not think I would eat today, so I have lost nothing." The man set to work with a spade and hoe smoothing a small patch of ground. As the sun dipped he finished preparing a small hole. Then he said to the woman, "The birds are hungry too, so I must plant by the light of the Moon."

Then in the fading light he sat down as I have taught you, and held in his lap a blue apple.

"Apples aren't blue."

"This one was, it was bright and beautiful as the sky, and its hue was deep with a luster like the sea. It was a most magnificent apple."

The woman was so hungry, she thought for a moment to steal the apple, but only for a moment. You see in her heart she was no thief. She steeled herself against her hunger and like the man sat as a Flower. As she stilled herself, she could hear a song, a song coming from the apple, but the voice was so small you could only hear it if you where as still as a flower.

As the Moon rose the man placed the apple in the hole he had prepared, and covered it with earth. Then he began to sing. He gave voice to the song of the apple. Oh it was so beautiful, and the lady felt the song well up in her bosom and she sang too. They sang deep into the night. In an hour a shoot was pushing through the soil. In two a sapling stood stretching her young limbs. In three she was a young tree. As the Moon reached her full height in the sky, the Tree too was reaching for the stars, and now fruit blossomed on her branches and fell to earth.

The Lady grabbed up the first few pieces of fruit and gobbled them up. Oh her face was so wet with sweet sticky juice. Then she looked and saw she had an apple in one hand, and a peach in the other, cherries and pears too lay on the ground. The Lady looked at the Man and said, "how can this be so?"

"The tree that springs from the Blue Apples, it is a very special tree. Now if you would please help me gather up some of this fruit." And they gathered a great deal of fruit, still plenty now lay on the ground and the deer, and hare, and Mouse all gathered to feast on the fruit and the seeds.

As dawn neared, the Lady and the Golden man fell asleep in the shade of the new tree. The Man did not sleep long, and when the lady awoke she found he had been hard at work. Preparing new holes in the earth to where-in to plant the fruit of the new tree.

"Would you help me Lady?" he asked.

"Of course" She said. So with spade and hoe they prepared the earth for more plantings. Now just how the strange man hid a spade and hoe in his tiny bag the lady did not know, but by now she had seen such wonders she did not really think to ask. :)

As the Sun dipped the Golden Man said to her would you sit with me, and she sat beside him, as we are sitting now. He said to her, "Be as a Flower."

(And Pandora smiled.)

Then he placed fruit from the New Tree in her hand. She listened silently till she heard its song. "What do you see lady." "I see an Elm." So as the Moon Rose they planted the fruit of the new tree, and sang the songs of its fruit. They did this for 6 nights singing the songs of each tree till the moon reached her highest mark in the heavens. Then sleeping beside the new tree's. In this way where Oak and Elm, Apple and Ash, and all the other trees of our forest first born.

As the moon set on that seventh night, the golden man slipped his arm around about the Lady and pulled her close. Feeling nothing but desire in her bosom she turned to him and they kissed. They lay together under this very tree, and soon she felt their children stirring with-in her.

In the morning as they drank and splashed off their faces in the nearby stream she saw her lovers reflection in the water. In the glass of the water she saw that her lovers head was not that of a man, but of a falcon, and she knew for sure who he was at last.

"Dear Ara, I have a great favor to ask of you."

"Yes my love.?"

"The Great Tree grows quickly, and her children grow quickly too, but her children's children will need long years to grow. And the world is so much wider than I thought it would be, and there is so much to be done. Dear Ara would you please stay here, with the great tree, and tend the garden we have begun."

"It would be my joy and honor, blessed Horus."

"Horus kissed her, then kissed her womb, I will return to you to raise these children, when my work is done."

"Did Horus return Momma?"

Oh yes, for 7 years Horus traveled the wide world. He planted many gardens. With the blue apples he planted 4 great trees, but only the one in our keeping remains. Each winter for 7 winters he returned to me, we sheltered together in a small cottage a short walk from here. His sister Ki was my first mid-wife and several his mothers Elfin children came too. Together we built the cottage, and they helped me tend the garden. Finally Horus rested from his wandering and settled down here with me till the end of my first mortal life. Our children spread out, expanded the garden and founded each of the Nine Houses.

So you sang the song of the Great Tree with Horus Momma?

Yes dear, 7 lifetimes past, but yes we sang the song of the Great Tree.

Then you know her name Momma, Oh please tell me her name.

Oh you silly dumpling you already know her name.

I do Momma?

"Her name is Anar."

Ama tu ANKI.