The Nine

A Murian child was born, a little miracle that might happen any day. The second of the Nine sensed the child was coming and in her dreaming sent word to her sisters, and the third of the Nine went to the woman's lodge help her bring Momma-Ki's gift into the world.

It had been foreseen the child would be a girl, so word was sent to the 5th of the Nine. After the child was born, and shared her first moments on her mothers breast. She was washed and swaddled and the mothers sister brought her to the 5th of the Nine.

She was dressed in deepest purple, like midnight. She carried a small black bag. 3 times she reached into the bag. 3 times she drew 3 stones, and cast them into a circle on a black cloth. She studied the runes for a long moment, until she understood the wisdom of Innana, and thus the child was named. She shall be, Calida-Ki, and she shall be 3rd of the Nine.

A few days later the baby was nursing at her mothers breast, by the evening fire. Her mother smiling and filled with the divine light of a mother holding her child. Her sister Pandora, who was just five, watched them for a long time before she spoke.

"Momma, how did the lady know Calida-Ki was the babies name."

She saw the name in the stones, Pandora, she is the 5th of the Nine, the keeper of the Runes, this is one of her gifts.

The child took in what her mother said for a long moment and said, "Who are the Nine?"

Her mother said to her "Bring me the story bowl."

The child brought a black stoneware bowl, filled with water. As she had been taught she held her fingers over the bowl, let them circle Nine times saying, "Ama tu ANKI"; which would be Mother of Heaven and Earth in our tounge; then images came to her in the glass of the water, as her mother told her these things.

magus The First of the Nine is the Ara, and the 6 sacred elements balance with-in her most perfectly. She keeps the skills of her people. She knows herb, and tree, and stone, and can draw upon the energy of each and speak to their spirits. She will be taught the runes, and may consult The Book of her people. She will be taught the Songs Isis has gifted our people, and she will be named for Ara the first of our people.

priestess The Second of the Nine, is the dreamer of her peoples dream. She dreams of she what is, what has been, and what may be, the element of water runs deep in her, and she will be named for The Goddess Nammu, sacred spirit of the waters The Dragon has wrapped around herself. It is said of her she is not much concerned with time for she is not bound by time. At night, by a babbling brook you may hear them, a circle of sisters from across the ages, gathering together in a common dream.

gaia_ki The Third of the Nine is a Daughter of Momma-Ki, and she will be named for her. She is the midwife of her people. She is first among healers, and is taught the uses of herbs, and roots, and smoke. She blesses the fields each spring. In the first year of her womanhood and for seven years there after she will lie in the fields with the Oak King of Anar on the first day of spring, and ensure the fertility of our land, and the favor of Momma-Ki.

daughter_oak The Forth of the Nine is the Daughter of the Oak King. She is the strength of her people. She will be named for the Sacred Forest of Anar, She knows the spirit of the Oak, and Rowan, of Apple and Ash. It is she who must bless the spot of any new lodge or hall built by our people. It is she who goes into the Great Wood, and asks the Spirit of Anar for permission to harvest timber, and it is she who must knock 3 times on each tree, that it might and release its spirit before the stroke of an axe may fall.

daughter_Innana As I said: The Fifth of the Nine is the keeper of the Runes. She is a child of Mother Innana and she will be named for her. In the runes she sees our true names, and thus names each girl-child born. She is the guardian of our traditions, she keeps the sacred book of her people. She can see beyond the veil. The shadows that would waylay our people from across the veil, she protects us from them. If a person should commit a crime against the people, she casts the runes, and she is the final judge.

lovers The Sixth of the Nine will be born or conceived when Isis and Lorith Share Bliss, and the old moon lays in the arms of the new. Male and Female are most perfectly balanced with-in her, and she will be named for Lorith. She will teach her sisters the arts of love and beauty, and how to entrance their men. As the male and female in her is the most finally balanced she is the counselor of the people in matters with-in the lodge. She Handfasts her people, and if they return to her in a year and a day, she marries them. She will be taught to read the stars.

wisdom_keeper The Seventh of the Nine is the Wanderer, It is she who most clearly hears the Whisper of the Dragon, and she will be named for her. She will be taught the Lyre and the Songs of her people. For nine years she will travel the larger world. Spending a year as the Seventh of the Nine in another villages circle. She will learn their songs, and teach them ours. Thus is the Wisdom of the Murain shared among all of Mura's people. When she returns home, it is she who writes the story of her generation in the Sacred Book of her People.

she_who_has_come_before The Eighth of the Nine is called the Daughter of Kur, for she will remember lives she has lived in ages past. Hers is the steadying hand on the rudder when her people must whether a storm. She is a reminder to the people that death is not an ending, but a rest, before a new beginning. She sees to the rites of passing. She Sings the Litany of the Dead, she comforts widow and widower, and she will be named for the Goddess of the New Moon, Narrar.

silent_one The Ninth sister is called the "Silent One." She is neither called upon to speak, nor is she addressed directly. Instead she listens to her sisters and weighs what is said. She will be taught the Poetry of Ki, and the Proverbs of Isis, she can say much in a few words, so it is wise to listen when she chooses to speak. She is a daughter of Sabidurķa, and will be named for her.

Thus it has been since the beginning of time, and will be till The Dragon rises from the sea that each village of our people has been in the keeping of nine wise women.

That's a pretty story momma, can I hold the baby now.

"I'll tell you what, you sit in my lap crosswise, and I'll place the baby in your lap, and we can hold her together. " Thus was another daughter of Momma-Ki welcome into the world, a Daughter of the Silver age began her journey under the Eves of Sacred Anar.

Ama tu ANKI.