Uttu was beautiful. Golden Skin and Rich black hair he was as the Chattii say, "Mountain Born." Everyday he would arise to the sound of Aure's song, and mounting Ra's great chariot ride it across the sky. For Uttu was Ra's Charioteer and content with that role. He had neither Ra's great strength, nor his lust for glory, but like Horus he had a great love of living things.

It was early in the time of the Murian. In the time of the second birth of the Ara, when Horus came to his brother.

Ara, my dear wife prays to me nightly brother, some evil has crept out of Kur and waylays our people. Sometimes leaving little more than tattered clothes and a black noxious spittle.

What can I do? asked Uttu.

Each day you ride from shore to shore over all Mura. Keep a close watch over Sacred Anar, perhaps you can find that which plagues our children.

What of Ra.

I have asked him, he is still guilt ridden over the wasting of the garden is his battle with Set he wants no part of this quest.

Yes it has been so very long since my master rode beside me in the great chariot. I miss his companionship, but someone must rise to Aure's song.

You sound burdened brother.

No. The garden is beautiful. It lives and grows, and almost dances ever so slowly. It is my privilege to drive the chariot, my joy to watch it grow.

So 7 Days would pass and Uttu Rode out each day with the dawn, and all looked well in Mura. Then on the 8th day Uttu saw something that did not look right. A shadow in the Chattii lands between Anar and Kur. The odd thing was that no matter how close the great chariot approached the Shadow never retreated. He knew this was some mischief of Set's making. Still he dare not bring the Flaming Chariot too close to the Garden, least he set a blaze sacred Anar.

That night Uttu had a plan.

After dinner he joined Ra in his apartments. As he had done since his battle with Set, Ra was indulging in too much wine and watching his Priestess's dance. Uttu joined him, but discretely poured his wine in the earth of a small potted tree.

All night he praised the work of sturdy Horus, and the beauty of his garden, until Ra began to get quite annoyed.

"What are you saying brother."

"Only that what was ... is gone. A new world has been born, and life continues on. The time is past for draining cups dear brother, even cups of mothers good wine."

"Look around you brother. See how the gold shines and sings. Plate and knife, Statue and frame, the gold sings with beautiful light. I have no desire to embrace your Silver world, a muted memory of what was."

That Morning as Aure sang a servant rushed into Ra's apartments.

Arise sweet Majesty oh please Arise.

"What is the meaning of this intrusion.

"Uttu sends me sweet Majesty, he says his head is clouded with too much wine and he cannot answer Aure's call. Oh please Majesty take the reins of the 4 ride out into Mura today."

Ra smiled grimly, "He would tell me the time has come to forget my grief, he who cannot rise after drinking half my count of the wine. I will honor the command of Mother-Isis, I will take the chariot across the sky. Please call my sister, I desire her companionship today" and so it was.

Uttu of course was of a clear mind after all. Taking his Silver Armor and a good lance he slipped into the garden unseen. Riding a swift horse he reached the strange shadow by noon. Even as he approached it its inky blackness retreated only stubbornly. And he felt an odd pain. He realized his small lie to Ra has left a stain of shadow on his person. Small it was, but is was there none the less, and something in these inky shadows made it ache terribly.

Still with Stout Heart he pressed on into the forest.

At Length he came upon a Dragon, the Dragon of Kur. She was not the beautiful dragon of Mura, but a Mockery of her made by Set to eat the corpses of fallen hero's. She was rank, and black as ink, and a noxious spittle ran from her mouth.

Uttu commanded, "Be gone from this place Corpse Eater, return to the lands of Kur."

"No" She Said, "This land holds much sweeter meat, I think I shall stay here, and dine on your flesh little Godling." And she Hurled herself upon Uttu.

With Fang and Claw and acid breath the dragons Wrath unfurled. Uttu fought bravely with his lance. And for a long time the dragon could not mark him. But in time she observed that when her acid fell on that little mark of shadow, Uttu winced in pain. So with Fang and Claw and Acid she tore at and open that small wound. Till at last Uttu lay dieing at her feet.

Her fangs shining, her mouth a gap. She smiled in malicious victory. "Im so happy your not dead. I want you to be quite alive as you tumble into my belly, I want to feel you writhe in your agony as you burn in my gut! Arrogant little Godling, what made you think yourself a match for the Dragon of Kur. And her mouth gapped open wide. ...

Now Ra had answered Aure's song. His Sister Innana, long his shield maiden, held the reigns this day, as the great chariot charted its course across the sky. Then for the first time in Seven generations of men did Ra see the labor of Horus and gasped with wonder at its beauty. Innana had many times accompanied Uttu taking the warriors place in the cart, and she pointed out to her brother the great tree of Anar, the brillant waters of the Nammu, and other wonders of the world.

Then they noticed that below a strange tumult was brewing, and the ruckus call of the crows rose to their ears.

Something Terrible is afoot dear brother.

Indeed, but I cannot leave the chariot, I must honor the decree of Mother-Isis.

"But I am not so bound." Answered Innana, her voice rose in song, and terrible wind replied she leapt from the chariot and rode the wind towards the voices of the crows.

The Dragons mouth gaped open wide she snatched up Uttu and swallowed him whole. In her greed she was heedless of all around her and focused her whole attention on her prize. This meddle some God had marked her badly, and she would enjoy his agonies in her gut. Just as her prize tumbled into her belly, Innana's Mace smashed into her skull. Wounded the Dragon Staggered back and shook her great head, trying to clear her mind, But Innana was furious and relentless. Blow Pounded down up blow, a reign of fury the dragon could not have imagined. Innana's screaming filled the Dragons mind till she could think of nothing else. Blinded by her own dark blood she struck out wildly to no avail, unable to mark the whirling demon that seemed everywhere and no-where and tormented her with punishing blows. She felt Innana's heal on her driving down her neck pinning it against the earth, just before the mace crushed her skull.

Innana gutted the Dragon, and seizing her brothers remains carried them back to Thebes among many tears.

Nine days later Innana came to Isis.

Mother I fear I am going mad.

There is no stain of shadow on you child, so this madness cannot be.

Then how is it I see my brothers face in the waters of the garden, and hear his voice in the wind.

Because his spirit is with you child, he always loved you best.

What can I do?

More than you know ... Lay down.

Isis covered Innana's womb with her hands, and began to sing, it was a lovely deeply moving song. Innana felt her ecstasy rise, her body felt as if she lay with a God, and she was a little embarrassed that her mother should see her tremble and writhe.

"Mother?" she gasped.

Isis's song never wavered in her ears, but the Great Mother's voice rang in Innana's head. "Be one with the Magick dear daughter, be one." and so Innana abanodoned her self to the carress of the spell. Her hands soon filled with the joy of the song and trembling they carressed her own bosom, and most private self. Finally her body arched, and she shouted in deep climax, then sank gasping into the earth.

Breathless, she felt something odd, then realized life stirred in her womb.


You will see.

Of course 6 months later my brother was reborn of his most beloved sister, and they have had a special bond ever since. While a special emnitiy is held for Uttu by the children of Dragon Innana slew, for they blame him even over my sister for their mothers death. Ever since from that day to this, it is Uttu who walks the borders of Kur, and keeps the dragons from the garden of Mura, and it will be so, till The Dragon Rises again from the Sea.

Ama tu ANKI.