Through most of the 90's I worked in a "minority-majority" workplace, almost half of my coworkers where Latino's I came away from that experience with an appreciation of the people, the culture, and mostly the music. I simply love, "Latin Pop" what I love most is the Passion, songs that are still very much about being deeply, truly, madly in love. It is simply true in fact that if I am listening to music, I am likely listening to one of the artists presented here.

Thalia Odalys Pilar Lucero Sharika


Thalia is absolutely my favorite Latina Artist. She has just released her first English language album. I have been looking forward to this for quite sometime. Her music is light, fast, and just makes you feel good. If you have never heard this angel sing, you owe yourself the favor.

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Odalys started out as a model, which only means she's beautifal. Her debut album proved that she is also wonderfully talented. Nothing really deep here, but wonderfully catchy tunes, anglo or no, that will make drive time so much better.

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Pilar Recently Appeared in Latina Magazine as their pick as the next cross over artist. The album has a soft, seductive, beautifal sound. A few tracks have more of a dance music bounce to them. The kind of album you can leave in the car stereo for days.

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Lucero is a step away from the other girls. She is not so much a pop artist as a singer of Ballads. The Title Track in english is, "My Destiny is you." Shes absolutely at her best when she is poaring her heart into a song, and there she knows no equal.

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Shakira has already crossed over for alot of listeners. My advise is if you have not heard her yet, buy this album and not the English language Laundry Service. Its just hard to get the same vitality into a second language for any artist I think. This collection is wonderfully lively.

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