Girl with a Maple Leaf Tristesse
Hi All,

I guess everyone has a favorite artist; and mine is Sara Moon. From the moment I saw my very first print. Of Girl with a Maple Leaf. I was simply in Awe, the Beauty of the work, the perfection of it's execution; the graceful transition from its deeply realistic point of focus to those ethereal legs. I was then and am now simply amazed by the simple beauty of the work.

The thing I loved the most though; was here was an artist who clearly felt as I do; that a drawing could be a finished work; and not simply a tool of study for something else. It was like love at first glance. If I was a man of unlimited means I would rather have A Sara Moon over my Desk or Couch, or in my home than Any Van Gouge or Renoir; or even Monet.

Which brings up an odd thing; there is no such person. I recently found out that "Sara Moon" was the creation of a German firm; Red Baron Publishing; and at least 3 artists worked under the non de plume. If you look closely at the galleries on the linked page you can see that not all these works where rendered by the same hand; IMHO; it does not take a great expert in Art. But it is the Principle Artist; the woman who produced these beautiful and distinctive Sepia's that I will always think of as Sara Moon.

John D Moulton; who has assembled Sara's work on a wonderful website; believes Sara is a Man! An Iranian Artist living in Germany. Personally I find it very hard to believe that this Gentle, Beautiful, affectionate work; is the work of a man. Compare John's own work. There is a Sensualness to it; A man cannot completely remove his desire to be intimate with a woman from his work. I don't know who Sara Moon is; but John clearly believes he has found the artist, and has seen several of the orignal drawings for himself, so until someone else comes forward, I will have to leave the question open.

As there is no point in my reinventing the wheel allow me to refer you to John's beautiful Sara Moon Site; and as John is very talented artist in his own right his site as well;; although cannot resist the tempation to post a page with just a few favorites on this site.

Brightest Blessings,

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BTW: The I borrowed this beautiful layout that presents Sara's work so well from John's site. He has obviously put a lot of thought into just how to present these works; and I would not begin to argue with him. :) Blessings, BB.