This is Belle, ...
Or This is Billie Piper who plays Belle on Showtimes Secret Diary of a Call Girl. In any event this is an utterly delightful woman, who I am looking forward to doing a good many sketches of this summer. :) I simply have a real soft spot for a lovely naughty woman, brightly and sympathetically played. I have known a few "Working Girls" in my life, they have nearly all been lovely people, who are nothing like societies stereo-types. If over the next 8 weeks Billie can dispell some myths, in some minds, that will be a very good thing.

I was not at all happy with this sketch till I did a comparative tracing, and saw, my freehand drawing was actually very very close to the mark. Its just hard in a line drawing to get this face just right, and thats another thing. Billie is a beautifal woman, but for me conveying that beauty in a sketch is going to be a challange, but it is challange I am looking forward to just now.

BTW: I just saw the first episode, and Billie as a delight. :) Thanks Showtime for bring her over.

Brightest Blessings, BB.

Tracing of Billie.

Original Screen Capture.