Hi All,

I do hope your Solstice has been well blessed. :) Mine rather was actually, as you know most of my fiction is set in Anar; that great and beautifal forest of the Murian. And Anar is a very special place; I never envision it as a forest that has run completely wild; because of course the Murian, care for it, harvest timber from it; plant orchards and even clear small fields with-in Anar. So I always see it as a "Forest" but one with lots of wide green lanes, and lovely rich lawns. Today I found a seldom used maintenance road; not far from my usual trails; the rich green floor that covered this un-used road struck me very much as if one could step right into Anar; so of course I followed it for quite some ways. I saw a deer; but she saw me first, and I had no chance to take a picture.

Before heading up to the Trails; I sat for nearly an hour; doing a drawing of this large red stone; just beside the stream. :) Lovely really; I needed the break too; needed some time just sitting by the water; best Magick I know. :)

Brightest Blessings All, BB.