Hi All,

Yesterday I mentioned how beautiful the water is as it tumbles over the stones here, at a given time of day. So perhaps I can share just a little of that with you today.



(Click on the Pic above its worth it:)
I spent about an hour down by the brook today, most of it with a small visitor. A Monarch Butterfly.


He sat there most of the time, slowly opening his wings, then closing them again. Opening them 3 times, then pausing for a while. From time to time, he would flutter or shift his position, but mostly he was just very still.

It seemed to me he was probably trying to attract the attentions of a mate, without attracting the attentions of a predator. So we would shift position every few minutes, hoping that showing himself on a new line would work.

After we had sat together a while, a Robin swooped in coming on a direct line for the little bachelor, and landing on a nearby rock. He was not 15 from me, and not 5' from the butterfly. The monarch must have sensed the danger somehow, and stayed absolutely still until the bird moved off. After about 5 minutes the bird lost interest in the waiting game, and hoped up into the grass to look for easier game. The little monarch waited another 5 minutes before he began to flash his wings again. I never did get a really good photo of those wings open. This one being the very best I got. ...


Mac, and Herc are home; thank your for helping the boys find thier way.
9 of Swords Rx: Today's card was the 9 of Swords Rx, - Mel Gives, Need to trust in the Divine for Solace, Gossip Shame. And of course Upright Anxiety, Sense of Hopelessness.

Uhm no not really ... actually today I felt better aligned to my intent than I have for some time. I had a short, but pleasant conversation with Tamar, telling her I would be delighted to do some online readings for her store. :) Took L to the library, and signed our lease for the coming year before going to the park. So it was a day filled with fairly routine events, the only real excitement being this arrangement with Tamar that's blossoming. And the day had a nice flow, it was a genuinely pleasant day off. So 9 of Swords Rx fits, but in that I was enjoying that upper vibration of Harmony, that is opposite of Anxiety after all.

Last I saw him, the butterfly was still looking for a partner to make little butterflies with. :)

Brightest Blessings, BB.