Hi All,

I hope your enjoying these little walks with me ... I must say I do enjoy them myself, and taking you all along is just a little extra spice. You can't turn on the TV without seeing something about Climate Change, Pollution, the Potential collapse of the Coral Reefs. ... all important, all need and deserve our attention, but sometimes we owe it to ourselves I think to soak in the beauty that is still present in our world, this lovely gift of Momma-Ki.

This morning I set out about 1/2 hour ealier, at the time I had hoped to get out Yesterday, but had wasted slugging around in bed. Well the sky was overcast, and the light was too low to catch anything alot of the time. And alot of the shots I did catch where quite dark, and are best viewed full screen on a monitor after dusk, with no other light competing for your attention. Still for all that, they are worth a little extra effort to view them I think.

So lets go for a walk. ...

As you can see it was quite dark when I set out this morning, and the overcast dimmed down the ambient light, so I was not having the luck I had yesterday. I had pretty well given up on the thought I might get some usable pics out of the day. So I find a spot to sit where I can watch the water flow, it was too dark to get a usable pic and had a long slow smoke mixed with chanting the Ama. ... and it starts to rain and stops and starts again now the rain really comes pissing down.

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I pulled my hood over myself, drew on my cigar some and kept on chanting the Ama. It was really quite beautiful, you could see the little brook picking up speed and strength with just that little bit more water. Anyhow I was well rewarded for not bolting. Those lovely stills of the clouds and bridges where all taken after the cloud burst.
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