Hi All,

Sometimes Spirit just insists on knocking on your door. I arrived at work, and this tiny baby snapping turtle was posted near the back entrance that I use, me and AJ and thats about it. Anyhow so there her is head out, nose pointed into the air, patiently waiting for a meal thats never going to come here, and I think I better find Doug, Doug will know what to do with her, but Dougs not in today.


Well the Training meeting turns out to be quite an event, a few pots that needed attention got stirred, amid a few good laughs, and by the time its time for me to leave I'm afraid I rather spaced my little snapper. but he had not forgotten me. ...

On my way out of the building I run into her again, Head out, patiently waiting, by the rear passanger tire of my car. So I go back in to fetch a tupperware, no other little snapper by the back door. Although this one looks subtlely different. So I may have seen two, seeing one is odd enough. Still she wont survive long at work, dont know where or how her momma seems to have made it really. And I scoop the little one up. Take her or him, who can tell. To the banks of a stream that feeds the little brook I mediate by. Little brook really roars after a rain, I felt it was not the safest place to leave her, the stream is more sheltered, but otherwise a very turtle friendly sort of place. I expect she should be able to find food and shelter and place to winter without too much fuss here. I know I have seen snappers in little brook before, adults, but snappers.

Seemed odd to me though babies should be out so close to winter, I do hope the little one makes it through the coming season. All I know is if I had not move her, she would be squashed flat in the Teleport Parking lot right now, and instead she has as good a chance as Nature offers of getting through the coming winter.

Funny how yesterdays card was the 7 of Swords, and that made no real sense to me, but today, it would fit perfectly as our little Momma Turtle begins her new adventure.

Ama tu ANKI, BB.