Goddess Tarots and Sprituality: Talking Tarot Week-5.


This week I am doing something a little different. We have so far concentrated on larger spreads. This week I thought I would take a peak at a "new" for me 3 Card Spread. I have received a few questions lately concerning potential/budding/ or brand-new relationships. Relationships for whom a full blow Cuppa Spread would seem, a bit much really, and it occurred to me the first 3 cards of the Cuppa, server our purpose here just fine. ...

So a young lady asks me about her potential for a relationship with a young man, who has re-entered her life. She was interested in him before but they where not available to one an other, not as a couple then just friends. Her Genuine affection seemed obvious, and I expected a very positive response from Innana. ...

As so often happens, my expectations had almost nothing to do with the response I received from my Lady. ... Now the Cards are Laid out.

I have found that when the Q is a man, that the cards very often still come up in this Feminine..... Foundation....Masculine. order. If you have a non-traditional relationship, I think you will find the more assertive partner still comes up as the 2nd card.

Anyhow that's a side bar, we drew the Moon,(Q), Justice Rx (P), IV of Pents Rx (F)
Honestly I was knocked back on my heels. I just could not believe I was looking at this spread. Still I pulled my head together, and took a good long look at what I was seeing.

The 4 of Pents Rx, The Miser... told me the Q was holding onto something too tightly, and with Justice Rx, in play covering the Partner. I felt it was her vision of him. Sure he was a lovely boy a couple years ago, but he was at an age when people change and grow pretty fast. I felt Innana was saying to her. Put aside your preconceptions of the boy, get to know the Man for who he is now.

Yet I knew I still didn't have the thread, I was not groking this, the Moon still made no sense to me given the other cards in play. So I took an extra moment and scoped out the numerology of the spread. Moon (18)+4 of Pent +Justice (11)=33/6 The Lovers. ... whew,

Ok now I get it...
On the one hand Innana is telling the Q. Take a step back and put down your preconceptions of the boy you knew, and get to know the man he is now.

At the same time the Moon and the underlying lovers vibration is telling us your intuition is good. There is real potential here for a relationship, so lets get it off on the right foot. Honestly this is one of those really elegant readings, when what comes through just blows my little bird mind. ;) I hope its blown yours as well.

I look forward to your thoughts
Ama tu ANKI, BB.

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