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Princess of Swords

Hello again, :)
One expression that has come to me overtime, and worked its way into my language, is that a Tarot reading is an opportunity to participate in a small miracle. Now normally the simple fact that the cards somehow speak to the energies surrounding a person perhaps half a world away, and whom I do not know outside of an internet handle, is more than miracle enough. It simply defies explanation with-in the standard Paradigm.

This reading however is very special. The Q is question was a young mother who posted her request for a reading online at WE. The Question and the response where posted on a public board so I am not saying anything here, that is not already out in an open forum. The Q was also a young Witch, whose boyfriend she discovered was not a pagan, but a Satanist. However at the time that she found this out, and broke off the relationship, she was already with child. So discovering the fathers spiritual path was very frightening, for the Q.

The moment I read the post I knew I had to read for this woman. I had recently done another reading that involved two souls one on each side of the veil, and I had no doubt I could do the reading, and I knew only a handful of other members would have the confidence to do the reading. Not the skill mind you, merely the confidence. What seems clear to me is this, that when we read we are not connecting to the flesh and blood person in the first place, but their energetic body. Which IMHO, straddles the veil in any event. So reaching across the veil to touch a Q or Partner on the other-side, is just not as daunting a task as it would seem. The important thing, as with so many things Magickal is to have the belief in oneself that you can in fact do it... and I did.

Hi Q&&&,

I generally do is a large spread, CC or Cuppa to get your general energy, followed by 3 card or other spreads to get answers to specific Questions that may arise. Now it is just true that I view any child as a gift of the Gaia, and had some concerns as to whether my bias would to a false reading. So before we begin, Let me say if the reading feels on consider it, but if it does not put it aside without fretting it, ok. Yet I must also say if I where to hand pick the cards in play, I could not have done a better job of reflecting your situation as I understand it, I believe our connection to your energy is profound and what Innana has shown me is true. So please bare with me through the initial cards. You are upset just now and the cards reflect that upset accurately, but the final card makes all the difference here, and I think you will find the outcome is glorious.

1. Q's Significator.......... Queen of Cups Rx
2. P's Significator.......... The Lovers Rx
3. Foundation................ 3 of Swords
4. Recent Past............... The Devil Rx
5. Present Moment............ Kt of Wands
6. Bar....................... 4 of Cups
7. Q's View.................. 3 of Wands
8. P's View.................. The Fool
9. Q's Expectations.......... 8 of Swords
10. P's Expectations......... The Hierophant
11. Outcome.................. The World
..................Innana Chose the Robin Wood Tarot.

....6/5 The Cup of Relationships Spread.

This Weeks Spread.

Lately I've been letting my guide, Innana indicate the Tarot she wishes to use via Pendulum. The energy pointing to this one was quite pronounced. Ok so what do we have.

First of all we have the Queen of Cups, Rx. And from the Robin Wood Deck. I have always seen this Queen as a woman of children. She is very loving and very involved in their nurturing. She is about focused on her heart, her feelings the things she loves. You might glance at the web page at the enclosed link below after your first read of the spread.


Yet the card is inverted, but this is nothing to fear, this only represents her energy being blocked by the doubts you expressed in your first post. When you relax about the coming of this child, you will embrace your inner Queen of Cups, and your love will flow like water.

The energy covering your child is the 6 of Trumps Rx, which only speaks to the child being conceived in a dysfunctional relationship. And the Foundation card again speaks to that relationship breaking up, so we see your heartbreak represented here. The next card, first up the stem speaks to the fathers Satanism. It shows the Devil in play, but Rx, the persons involved have not seen through the illusions that give his negative energy power over us, and still embrace that darkness.
Like I said, if I had hand picked the cards, I could not have captured your energy so perfectly. Innana has blessed us with a precious gift. :) (You will see.)

Numerology: The Base Line, 13+3+6= 22 The fool. So we see the base line leads to a new beginning, and a return to innocence. The child as we will see may have its own Karmic bags packed, but the venue of her birth is not one of them. Despite what has gone before she is the fool. Innocence reclaimed. :)

We see this also in the core cards.
First we have the Kt of Wands, very often associated with a person entering the world. I might have picked the Page, but Innana knows exactly what she's doing, I will show you. :) This new energy is crossed by the 4 of Cups. A person overlooking his/her blessings. Again your own energy wrestling with the presence of this child in your body, and wondering if the father has burdened her with shadow.

Numerology of the Core. Kt of Wands (12)+4 of Cups = 16 The Tower. The Tower is of course when we see the shadows we faced in the 15 of Trumps for what they are and our excuses for indulging in our weaknesses and vices are undone. In that moment we suffer a sort of ego death, and the tower collapses. Ok but how does that apply to this reading. Quite simply one we see the 15 in the previous position, and the 16 in the core. So the Devil that has gone before is undone, his tower collapses. What ever the fathers intentions, he ultimately follows a deceiver and his plans have been for naught.

Allow me to share this with you from Tolkien's Silmarilian.
Then Il'uvater spoke, and he said:" Mighty are the Ainur, and Mightiest among them is Melkor; but that he may know, and all the Ainur, That I am Il'uvatar those things we have sung, I will show them forth, that you may see what we have done. And thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uppermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but my instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined. - The Silmarilian Page 6, JRR Tolkien.

I know Tolkien was writing fiction, but I think he was tuned into a great spiritual truth here. :) Boyfriend can bow to who so ever he chooses, but when we bring life into this world, we can only serve Momma-Ki (the Gaia).

Numerology of the Present Moment line. 21+16+15+3=55/10 Now 55 is the Master number for Intelligence, it is also the vibration of words such as Lightning (Perfect for the Kt of Wands, no?), Omniscience, and Numerology. For reasons I will explain later I believe you will give birth to a brilliant child, one who will be instinctively in tune with her intent, and the vibration of the world around her. You say you feel drained. Perhaps its because this child is going to be so special, that she is putting some extra demands on your person. The 55 vibration is going to be important to her, and I do suggest you consider it when choosing a birth name. :) In this way her name will help her tune into her deepest inner self in this world.

Of course as the 10 its also represents the infinity of possibility, and I would ask you to consider the Ying/Yang symbol, and the light at the center of the shadow. Although the energies around her conception might have seemed quite dark, this little angel will shine like a flame. (Kt of Wands again.)

We now move onto your view and the Childs. She is the Fool, Innocence renewed, reincarnating into our world and prepared to celebrate a new adventure. You are the 3 of Wands send your energy out into the world, and wondering what it will return to you.

Yet the 8 of Swords shows you surrounded by your fears, you don't have much hope the ship will return to you with precious cargo just now. Yet I hope by the time you finish this reading you will see those swords fall away and the gray sky clear.

For the Child the Hierophant, the Karmic School Master is in play, she has Karmic issues to address, but don't we all. Oh a handful of souls are ascended beings come back to show the rest of us the way, but they are very few. Most of us have something to work out, that's what brought us back here in the first place.

Yet she has a wonderful opportunity for ascension. Notice the outcome card is not a page, or the apprentice (3 of Pents) it is the World. This is why I said before she will instinctively know her intent. She will be very sensitive to the vibrations of those around her and be blessed with the deepest intuition. As she bursts into the world like gang busters.

Finally let me briefly touch on the numerology of your cards and hers.

Yours 8 of Swords, 3 of Wands Queen (13) of Cups = 8+3+13=24/6 The Lovers. I see your energy becoming very entwined with hers and she will be a precious blessing to you for the rest of your life. :)

Hers. The Lovers, The Fool, The Hierophant. 6+0+5.
Ok we got a lot going on here. And its going to be a challenge Mom.
The 11 Vibration is again the Natural Leader, it also has to do with Justice. She is going to have a very strict sense of right and wrong. I believe in what is called Intuitive Astrology, basically the view that a persons personality is more important that birth date in viewing ones sign. I see a lot of Leo(ine) energy in her. The 55 the 11 in play. We already spoke to her being very intuitive, and that 11 also reduces to 2. The High Priestess.

The fool however usually speaks to an incomplete line in the numerology, or a tendency to the lower vibration of the number in question. So be prepared for her to be a bit flighty. (10) As bright as she is going to be she will be easily bored if she is not challenged. And the Lower octave of the 11. She may be judgmental of others less gifted, not understanding why the just don't get it. She may not be an advocate of the No Child Left behind idea, as she pushes her way to the front. You may well find part of your challenge is to teach her those less gifted are not losers to be treated like Karmic Road Kill.

Dont get me wrong, she will be wonderful, but she will be a handful as well. :) Big Hugs and Sincere Congrates Momma-Ki has blessed you with a wonderful child. :)

Ama tu ANKI, BB.