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The Trumps
The Fool TR 1 The Magician
The Ace of Trumps.
TR 2 The High Priestess TR 3 The Empress
TR 4 The Emperor TR V The Rabbi TR6 The Lovers TR7 The Chariot
Mastery of the Self
TR 8 Strength TR 9 The Hermit TR 10 The Wheel TR 11 Justice
TR 12 Le Pende TR 13 Transition TR 14 Temperance TR 15 The Deciever
TR 16 The Tower TR 17 Star TR 18 The Moon TR 19 The Sun
TR 20 Judgement TR 21 The World    

The Courts
Queen of Swords Queen of Wands Queen of Pentacles Queen Cups
King of Swords King of Wands The King of Pentacles King Cups
Princess of Swords
  The Winters Sun.
Princess Wands Princess Pentacles Princess Cups
Prince/Page Swords Prince/Page Wands Prince/Page Pentacles Prince/Page Cups

The Minors
The Ace Swords
Touch the Unseen
The Ace of Wands The Ace of Pentacles The Ace of Cups
Deuce Swords
The Horns of a Dilemma
The Deuce of Wands Deuce Pentacles
The Juggler
The Deuce of Cups
The III of Swords The III of Wands III of Pentacles
III of Cups
IV of Swords IV of Wands IV Pentacles
The Miser
IV of Cups
Missed Oppertunity
V Swords
V of Wands
V Pentacles
V of Cups
VI Swords
The VI of Wands
VI Pentacles
VI Cups
VII Swords
Pirate Jenny
VII Wands
To Stand Alone
VII Pentacles VII Cups
VIII of Swords
VIII of Wands VIII Pentacles VIII Cups
The IX of Swords
The Lord of Worry
IX Wands
Lord of Strength
IX Pentacles
Grace and Beauty
The IX of Cups
X of Swords
Lord of Anguish
X of Wands X of Pentacles
Lord of Wealth
X Cups
Domestic Bliss


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