HTML: Creating your own Web Pages

      I hope you like the site. If you do and are interested in creating pages of your own, you can. You see I am completely self taught, at least in terms of HTML and Web Design. HTML is a very easy language to learn. I joke that its so easy I know of at least 2 porn stars who code their own websites, but one does not count because she's a genius. Asia Carrera shes a member of Mensa. Oh well the point is any person of average intelligence can code a web page and you dont need one of those WUSWUG Editors. Of course you can use one, but I think you will find that you get alot more out of the experiance and have alot more control over the final output if you write your own code, rather than let a machine write it for you.

Ok so what will you need to get started.

  • Web Tutor: Joe Barta, has maintained a web site for a few years now, containing a package of tutorials I still refer to whenever Im coding. Joe makes a copy of this site available on cd. Its an invaluable little tool. Origanally available as "donation ware" this package is now available via subscription from Joes web site. The biggest advantage is that it is written in HTML itself. So you can load it onto your harddrive then book mark it, and quickly access the information you need while your working and get right back to the creative part of designing your site.

  • Note Tab Light: The nice folks at NoteTab make this freeware version of their professional text editior available at thier web site. NoteTab Light however is not Light at all, its a powerful HTML Editing tool. You can have more than 10 HTML pages all up at once, you can reorganize text format in some very useful ways. The Image handling routines allow you to link to images in subfolders of you web site with a click of the mouse. The software measures the dimensions of a image as it creates the link. Allowing you to easily resize the appearance of an image in your web page if you are not happy with the initial result. Note Tab links to one of your browsers allowing you to instantly view/ edit your web pages as you add code. Unless you become a professional website developer this elegant little piece of software is all you will need to create quality HTML pages. 100% freeware -- no ads and no nags.

  • HTML Complete, from Sybex Books: Once you get going, you will want to get a deeper referance than Joe's Tutorial. HTML Complete is your best investment. The information is complete, well organized, and well presented. This is not a Dummies book that will gather dust on your book shelf 90 days after you plunk down your money. No this is a reference you can rely on for years. The book does not assume you are a dummy or a nerd. Just a reasonably intelligent person.

And thats it: Just these 3 items, and you really only need the first two for those initial baby steps. With these tools you will be creating websites in no time that dazzle your friends. Oh BTW, the script for the little popup windows Im using all over the site, is available for cutting and pasting at the top of the pages source code. Author: Eric King has made it available as freeware to anyone who leaves the credits in the code. Im going one better because he deserves the credit and this is a useful site.

Or it was, the site is currently being redone. but Im going to leave the link intact hoping Eric will have it back online soon.