Goddess Tarots and Sprituality:

A Prayer and Mediation.

The Seer

To get the ball rolling, I would like to share a couple quick things with you. The Prayer below is my personal favorite, and I basically use it in one form or another for what Magick Craft I do engage in myself.

Shimmering Moon Rays, Please Unite me with,
the Nurturing and Discipline of the Mother Innana.
Innana-Ki Mother of us all, we thank you for your blessings.
Great Queen with Piercing Mind and Vision Bright.
Loving Mother with Full and Heavy Womb.
Be with your children in the full moon light gleaming.
Take us by the hand, carry us between the worlds.

Ama tu AN-KI

I've been working on inner journeys lately, and have been slowly building the following guided meditation. I repeat the prayer above nine times, to settle my mind into a light trance, I hope. Then I slowly guide myself through the narration below. I've not been as successful as I would like with it so far, but it has definately led to some interesting, if disorganized dreams. If the dreams become something I can more reasonably share I will.

Imagine if you will a stair. A broad marble stair, with wide shallow steps. You are a decending shallow hillside, under a star lite sky. The sides of the stair are adorned with beautifal hanging gardens. Potted plants fill the air with their fragrance.

A soft light slowly grows as you near the bottom of the stair. At the base of the stair a tall, raven haired woman awaits you. A cresent moon adorns her silver crown, and you slowly realize the light you see is not behind her, but radiates from her. Her gown is silvery white, and shines softly like moonlight.

Her right hand is extended to you palm up, she takes you by the hand, and leads you to a marble bench. You sit down together and she smiles at you for a long moment. Finally she askes, "Why have you come child?"