Rebecca of Ulmas
The Dancers of Ulmas
Innana's temples where called Ulmas, but I have long felt intuitively there must have been a very special place, a first Oasis where the sacred presence of the Queen of Heaven and Earth was felt. Ulmas. This was the first story I had written in a long time that is set outside of Mura but as usual it has inspired more stories and I have slowly begun to explore the life and world of Rebecca of Ulmas.

It is also inspired very much be a past life reading I did some time ago now. There is no Archeology here, this is not based on research or study. Just on my own intuition, but it touches something very deep in me, and always shakes me up inside to tell it... The Dancers of Ulmas

Nu Gig: In this story Rebecca tells us what it is like to be a Nu Gig priestess. One of the So Called Sacred Prositutes of the Temple of Ki, a role women would embrace for thousands of years in temples to Istar, Aphrodite, Venus well into the historical period, but a role our patriarchal culture simply has been unable to understand.

not one girl I think
             who looks on the light of the sun
            will ever
             have wisdom
            like this
- Sappho.

Reverie: A simple story, if it can even be called that where-in Rebecca in something of a day dream recalls the moment she fell in love with her consort.

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