Goddess Tarots and Sprituality: A Meditation.


Imagine your walking down a footpath cool flagstones under your bare feet. A leafy canopy arching over your head. The lively music of a Sitar faintly reaches your ears. The spring sun that pierces the canopy and lights your way has yet to climb to summers fierce heat.

As you reach the end of the path and it opens onto the shore line of a small placid lake you catch the voice of a woman, singing in the light and lilting accents of a foreign tongue. She is sitting on a great lotus flower floating on the water. Behind her in the deep distance a old gentle mountain rises.

As you sit by the water, you feel every worry in your life melt from you mind and sink into the earth. As the sun slowly traces his arch across the sky you find yourself noticing every ripple and eddy in the water. The tiny circles of tension around the feet of the water bugs, and the music of nature accompanying the lady.

The sun now reaches its zenith, and the light is at once brighter and cooler, suddenly, magically you are not just listening to the music of the maidens voice, but understand the words she gives voice ....

... The light shifts, the trace fades, the lady has gifted you with what she has to say. You bow low and thank her for her gift, and pausing only to refresh her incense burner sitting on the shore you return up the footpath.
Cool flagstones against your bare feet.