Goddess Tarots and Sprituality:
The King/Trial of Cups

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This weeks cards came from the Gendron, Robin Wood and Witchy Tarots
Numerology= 14.

This week we continue with the King of Cups.
I think Melanie has picked the perfect totem for the King in the Bear. Like the Bear, the king does not engage in busy work. He is not to be found whizzing around for the sake of doing something. As the bear slowly accumulates mass and strength, the King slowly accumulates wealth and influence. He is often overlooked, because he is not exciting, and he is not fashionable. Yet the Kings or wands and air often find where they go, he has quietly been there first. Guided by a absolute trust in a deep intuition, and perhaps a little occult knowledge. He tends to walk quietly one step ahead of the mad bustle behind him. Ignoring the trendy he seeks that which will grow strong.

Like the bear he is capable of outburst that display his Immense agility and power. Like the sea beating against the shore he can be relentless. He is not to be trifled with in life or business.

He is however very attuned to his emotions. He knows that the value of life is in the living, not in "things". Oh his is not shy about gifting others, A Print, a Painting, A Tarot, A Stone. His gifts however are always in tune with the person receiving them. Those who receive his favors never find themselves saying oh what to I do with this ugly thing. Or feel embarrassed by the value (or lack) of the gift in its surroundings. His sense of these things is true.

I dont want you to think however the King is like a Tarot Mr Rogers. He certainly has a dark side, and its perhaps one of the darkest in the Tarot. If you look at the Young Ladies in the Witchy Tarot, my first thought was they are dressed up as fools. This is only partially true. Their dress became the fools garb over centuries "Church" repression. What they are really doing is celebrating the rites of Dionysos. Dancing, and Chanting themselves into an Ecstatic state. As Laura's notes put it, "Triumph of Passions, Wild Behavior Controlled, Great Secret Celebration." The King (Rx) is the King of Carnival or Mardi Gras. He is the King of the Great Spring celebrations around the world. Which (Besides spring break for collage kids) we as a culture have largely forgot. I really suspect that this is why we are so obsessed with our shadow side. Without the annual outlet of a Mardi Gras or Fasching, it becomes much more challenging to keep the shadow side of ourselves boxed up the rest of the year. Most of the rest of the world realizes this (if subconsciously) and has such a celebration. We slip off to Las Vegas for the same reasons.

Of course at the dawn of history the King was the enPriest. We think of the enPriest today, as the High Priest. This is the usual translation and it is not without its truth. However it does not really communicate the most important aspect of the enPriest or enPriestess. Each was the consort of a God/dess or God on earth. Each presided over the temple, as a spouse would while a powerful partner was away. In the case of the enPriest he was Dammuzi, Tammuz, Dionysos, and his blood would be spilled after the last harvest to ensure the fertility of the land in the coming year. Of course, his was a different world, and for him this was a great honor. He was not going to a terrifying oblivion, he going to the embrace of his divine bride.

Before we go though lets return to Robins King. Over the centuries customs change. A ram is sacrificed in place of the king. The king grows old and wise. We see him on robins thrown. The Clouds on his hem touching the air element, the green of his garb fire, the spark of life, The blue of course the water element, and his feet set on good firm stone of earth. He is in touch with and balanced by all the elements.

For myself born under the sign of cancer. He is definitely an Ideal to keep striving towards.

Your Thoughts ?

Ama tu ANKI, BB.

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