I am Tsulsala,

for 6000 years I have ruled the night. Queen of Hunger, Mistress to Shadow, but it was not always so...

The Daughters of Kur.

A Dancer and a Dance In this story Tsulsala reminds us that few memories are as sweet as the memory of the one that got away.

This story is a real gift, and is quite precious to me, the story arose as a result of a conversation, and a dear friend has added the perspective of Tsulsala's partner in this dance. Although I quite liked the story in its original form, it is now simply much more beautiful. If you read it I am quite sure you will agree.

A Daughter of Kur: This Story was written long after the others, and is properly part of my Sacred Queens of Anar Series; In this story A Daughter of Kur stalks the Borders of Anar, slaying all who cross her path to feed her merciless hunger; this is easily the bloodiest story in the series, but it is also the story that most clearly states Tsulsala's menace, her power, and why she is the most feared of all Powers in Mura.

Tsulsalas's Song in which we learn the tale of how Narrar, a daughter of Isis, & Goddess of the Moon, falls into shadow, to emerge Tsulsala the Queen of hunger. This story was written a couple years after I finished the story of Giselle, It took 3 days from the first glimmer of an Idea till final draft. At the end of which time I felt completely wrung out. It was a delightful feeling, but it was still draining. :) no pun intended.

Sif: The Fate of the Mardii. Although I am writing this story almost 6 years after I first wrote Giselle, and I think it may finally and truely be the last story in the Daughters of Kur Series. It is also the First, for in this story we finally learn the story of Sif, that aloof, stern woman, who steers the Mardii through the storms that follow in these stories.

Giselle and the Gift to Tsulsala. A Vampire story with an ending unlike any other I have ever read. As fate weaves together the destiny of a Vampire Goddess, and a young girl. If you stay with it till the end, I think you will be pleased. Just the same it is a vampire story; savage at moments, sensual in others, it is not for everyone. Still this will always be a most special story for me, because everything I have written since has grown out of Giselle.

Oonas Tears: What could be so painful that it would bring a Daughter of Kur to tears, and who in the Nine Worlds would dare comfort her?

Oona's Dream: What does a Daughter of Kur dream of, if not the perfect victim. To me, Oona's relationship with Giselle is the most intriguing in the stories. For on the one hand, Giselle is very much like a daughter or granddaughter to her, while on the other hand, Oona's hunger never lets her forget for a minute Giselle is food, even her pet name for Giselle, "Little Morsel" is a constant reminder to both that thier relationship will end with a kiss. This story explores Oona's dreams, and asks, what does that perfect victim dream of as well.

An Empty Throne: For a long time I thought Giselle would be the end of the Tsulsala stories. Yet over the last year a thought has nagged at the back of my mind. What happens in a world when its vision of the Kali-Ma steps down from her iron throne. As always the given the oppertunity the story told itself. The stumbling blocks I thought would arise where swept away in the torrent that just swept me up and would not let go once I gave the story a voice. This is how the story has come out, I have not tried to smooth out the mash of Gods, Goddesses and Traditions. I simply let "her" tell her tale, and am quite happy with the result.

Sif's Wife: In an Empty Throne, we follow Tsulsala to Thebes, and follow the drama that unfolds there in the aftermath of Giselle. Sif's wife returns us to the Mardii, and follows events there in this same time. A dear friend described the story as bitter sweet, and I think it is, all true stories are Tragedies, and this feels like a true story. Ama tu ANKI, BB.

Here Ends - The Daughters of Kur. Series.

About Tsulsala: As a Pagan I am by definition something of a Gnostic, and as I have said before my spirituality informs my fiction, and my fiction my spirituality; but no where have the two become so entwined as my vision of and relationship too this Character. Blessings, BB.