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The Queen of Cups: Tranquility 
RW Queen of Cups

I had a very good reason for selecting this card for this week. Its Beautiful. Robin's Queen of Cups, is for my money one of the most beautiful cards I am aware of personally. I can sit and gaze at it for hours. So Lets talk about the card itself for a minute. The Queen of Cups is in many ways the very embodiment of the Ideal woman. 'She is charming, compassionate, imaginative, a woman who experiences an empathic bond with the people and beings in her life. She brings out the good in people and they almost magikally to her deep quality of sincerity.'
to paraphrase -- Janina Renee: Tarot for a New Generation.

The Queen sits an Image of Poise, gazing out upon the Ocean as she contemplates the Unseen. A daughter of the Moon, A sister of Tiamat. Her Wonderful Garments, the magnificent Chalice, The Richly Sculptured Throne. Every thing about the card speaks to Elegance and Appreciation. The Queen does not grasp at the good things in life. She Appreciates them, and they come to her, gifts worthy of Her attention. Take the throne, was the craftsman not doubly inspired to know that this great queen would meditate on the mysteries of the sea from his throne. You see Craftsmen, Artists, Poets flock to her, for the reward of her smile.

Gendron Queen of Cups
Giselle with Her Kids The Univision network does regular child care segments on their morning program Disperta with host Giselle Blondet: Actriz y Mama. At the end of each Segment the show Freeze Frames on a still of Giselle holding a young child in her lap. As I commented to a Latino Friend once, the child only makes her more beautiful. To which he said, And how much more beautiful if it was your child.

The Queen of Cups is a woman of children, you can imagine them just out of frame, building their sand castles. The Queen of Cups is a Cancer, Perhaps even the Queen of the House of Cancer. "Home is sacred, and it doesn't matter how modest or luxurious the abode happens to be. What matters is that it makes Cancer and her family feel safe. If the place isn't quite right. Cancer will work at it, over a lifetime if necessary, to make it right." Planets and Possibilities, Pg 187 --Susan Millar. If you can get this book from your library, it is well worth the effort to compare the signs with the Court Characters I think.

As Janine points out, The Queen of Cups, and the woman she embodies has been rejected by some in our society even feminists. She is seen as to weak-minded, dependant, passive Vs assertive. I think though that wave is ending. Many people men and women are now "reclaiming the desire to nurture relationships, create extended families of friends, /snip/, promote beauty and harmony, and include creatures of nature in their moral universe." -- Janina Renee. Yes as a society we have wandered, The Queen of Cups has much to teach us, but she is patient and can wait till we are ready for her wisdom.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

Divination: Poise, Balance in the midst of Change, Ability to flow with the tides of life. Perspective, ability to see the karmic wheel and thus remove oneself from it. The Dance of Life. All this from the Wheel, Yet it applies to the Queen so Beautifally. Totem, Raven: The Magical, Occult, Intuitive. A loving or beloved person, Maternal, Imaginative, Compassionate, Fair Minded.

Reversed: Sentimental, unable to precieve the Wheel. Illogical, Perverse, Unreliable. Ego blocking off the Intent leads to a failure of Intuition. Craving for attention leads to Vice.

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