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Ps of Swords

Welcome to our Tarot Home Page, its my commitment to be available to provide Tarot readings for members of the group. Basically because this is what I love. The Tarot is at the very heart of my personal efforts to achieve some measure of spiritual growth, and reading for others is central to my relationship with my Tarot.

If you are considering allowing me to read for you, you might be interested in knowing about the path I've taken so far so I am linking to a page that outlines my biography as a reader.

I believe the Tarot serves as a means to communicate with a guide in the energetic world. I refer to my guide as Innana, and she has responded to that name.

I believe it is the intervention of the guide that takes the seemingly random act of shuffling a deck of cards, and presents us with the non-random result of a spread that accurately reflects the Q, and her/his enegetic world.

Reading is not about predestination, nor short circuiting your free will. Rather think about a reading as a weather map of your energtic world. If there are storms on your horizon you will want to shutter your windows. If the sky is blue and glorious, you will want to throw those windows open. The outcome of a reading will point to the most likely outcome arising from the current pattern if you do not intervene using your free will. Its not that different from a doctor saying your Cloresteral is 300/why aren't you dead, and telling a patient the likely outcome of your diet is a heart attack. The doctor does not wish the patient ill health, quite the opposite, s/he is trying to alert the patient to possible danger.

I believe each readers contract with their guide is individual, and just how information is passed to us by our guides going to be as unique and idiosyncratic as any relationship. So take admonitions from authority's that the Q must always shuffle the deck, or never touch the readers cards with a grain of salt. Tarot literature is full of contradictions because authors are ultimately describing their own contract with the energetic world, not always allowing for the possiblity that yours might be quite different from mine or Mr Waites.

I believe our guides respond when we Honor them. If we ask our guide to honor our reading, and thank them when they have favored us with an accurate spread. I believe we are blessed by a more profound connection with our Q.'s energy. On this point belief is in fact the best word I have in the limits of the english language. It is a simple fact that as I have come to honor my guide I have seen accuracy of my readings increase dramitically.

It is not my goal to impose my beliefs on you, but I feel a Q should have an idea of where the Reader is coming from spiritually.

If you want a reading Email BB at the linked adress. Please include Tarot Reading in your subject line. So that your email is routed to the proper folder and not gobbled up by my spam filters. If you ask a Question thats fine, its also fine if you dont. Either way, I have found it is best to begin by laying out Celtic Cross Spread, to get an idea of the energy around a Q. before asking specific questions. This reading very often contains a reasonable anwser to the Question anyway.

For yes/no Questions, I use a 3 card spread system detailed on the linked page, that allows for a null anwser. The point being the free will of the persons involved including yourself may not allow for a accurate yes/no anwser at the time of the reading. Also avoid questions that give up your free will. Should I take job a or job b. Or Should I put my dad in a home. I can almost guarentee a null anwser to such questions. A better Question would be what will things look like energetically if I take Job A. How are things likely to evolve if I enroll my dad in the Abe Simpson retirement community.

For relationship spreads. I use the Cup of Relationships Spread. As detailed at the Tarot Guild of Australia website.