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Ps of Swords

Welcome to my bio page. I am assuming you are considering a reading from me and are interesting in my history as a reader. So you can make an informed choice.

I have been reading seriously again for a few years now, 3 or 4 times starting to slip by me. I was very interested in college, but I just could not connect with my Deck. A JJ Swiss. While I was in service I acquired "The Magickal Tarot." A Thoth child deck, but dispite the undersized pictures, its basically a Pips deck, and I never developed as a reader. After Nearly 20 years as a beginner, I came upon the Gendron Tarot, one day at a Borders. One look at the beautiful Princess of Swords on the box, and the lovely Magician on the front and I just had to have the deck, having no Idea what an amazing effect on my life this small act would have in the future.

I quickly discovered I could read with this deck, and in my initial excitement I read alot. A few reading for friends, but mostly online via internet chat. So I also quickly discovered distance was no barrier to a good reading. I realized however I was ignorant of things a good reader should know, I wanted to do my best for my Querants and so, and after about a year of reading like crazy, I took a year off scaled my reading way back, and immersed myself in study. I was a daily visitor, and frequent poster to Yahoo's All Things Tarot Group. I devoured books. I posted a weekly meditation on one of the cards in the deck. These essays where rather unconventional, it that they are not about the cards in the way you would get out of a Tarot book. Instead they mostly reflect how the themes of the cards have expressed themselves in my life.

I also acquired a small (20 or so) collection of decks. I immersed myself in comparative tarot, but I was also vainly searching for THEE deck. A deck that would just feel perfect to me in every card. This lead to the second and more profound moment for me as a reader. One night Im sitting at home and I keep noticing this deck on my coffee table. Not just glancing over it, but really seeing the deck. Now decks in my house are as common as coffee mugs, so this was very unusual. This deck was just demanding my attention. So I did a spread. Two cards really stood out. The 8 of Wands (an explosion of events) and the 10 of Pents Reversed. A card concerned with family wealth/health material manifestation in the world, in its shadow octave reversed. I went to bed a little while later. By 5 o'clock in the morning I was rushing my wife to the hospital with an acute case of Pancreaties. Ultimately she came through just fine.

That however proved to be a huge turning point for me as a reader, up till that point I had basically considered the Tarot as a Quasi Mechanical thing. An as above so below reflection of the energy around a Q. Afterwards I saw it as a means by which I communicate with a guide or guides. Certainly someone via the Tarot insisted on my attention that night.

Now my primary vision of the Goddess is Innana, and has been for some time. So it was only natural for me to begin asking Innana for her blessing when I read. When I read now, I always invoke her, with the following short prayer:

Innana-Ki Mother of us all
we thankyou for your blessings
Great Queen with Piercing mind and vision bright
Loving mother with full and heavy womb.
Meet your children in the full moonlight gleaming.
(or bright sunlight streaming.)
Take us by the hands, carry us between the worlds.
Ama tu AN-KI (Mother of Heaven and Earth.)

Holy Mother Innana,
Please bless this reading and allow me to serve you
as your Daughter _____________'s True Guide.
(If the Q is a man, your Child _____'s)
Ama tu AN-KI

Since I have begun calling on the Lady's blessing in this way, the readings have become so much better, they have a much greater internal consistancy, or as I put it, they stitch. It has also occurred that I can very often feel the energy in the deck through my receiving hand while I pray. I have never had a cold reading when I have felt that energy. It is also why I say it is her intervention that allows the random act of shuffling to achieve the nonrandom result of an accurate spread.

Now is my Innana the INNANA. I think so but I cant be absolutely sure. Why would she be interested in me, allow me to serve her in this way. I dont know for sure again. Im not anyone special, Im one of thousands of readers. Its amazing the interest in the Tarot today.

As a reader however I could not help but ask some questions and try to seek a more satisfying answer than, Dunno? I suspect I served her as a Seer of some discription in a previous in a previous life. I have done some work with the pendulum and Tarot exploring things. Asking her if I have been her priest before, actually I asked if I had been her priest and her priestess and got an affirmative to both. Now Innana was worshiped in Sumer for centuries, long enough for at least one return trip. Yet at this point I really KNOW very little. I do know that when asked certain questions, I can really feel the energy in the pendulum jump. Not just a gentle swaying, but I can feel a definite tug as it answers a given question. When I think about the Image on the Box of the Gendron Tarot, Beautiful, Aloof, Sword over her Knee. A Woman to be reckoned with, a Goddess to be Revered. When I see that Image now I see Innana. Just as I see Gaia in the Princess of Pents.

This is I feel an irrefutable part of my intent, that I should serve the lady as a reader, provide her a means to pass guidance on to her children. What I also know, is that if I ever let my head swell up with pride, she has the pin. She can take away that energy in my hand, allow me to deal out random meaningless cards.

For now, if you need a reading, I hope you will consider me as your reader. Blessed Be. BB.