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Princess of Swords

This reading will always have a special place in my heart, because through it I gained a dear friend.

I had mentioned in passing to the Q that I would do a reading for her if she liked, and "It just so happened" that my timing could not have been better for her. The Q was ill, and she was worried about the impact her illness was having on her relationship.


Dear Lady Q&&&,
My apologies for not writing you sooner, in your letter you asked that I might read for you, and that request has been on my mind the last few days. With all the upset in your life I felt it best to split your reading in 2. This is a cup of relationships reading. I find this is a very good spread for relationship questions, Q's are generally quite pleased with the insights we have uncovered using this spread. I hope it will serve you well. I hope I may serve you well also, but as I always tell my Q. If the reading speaks to you consider it, if however it feels cold, disregard it and dont let it fret you. So let us begin shall we. I used the Gendron Tarot which features a court of Prince, Princess, for the Page and the Knight.

*As you might guess from the awkward prose, I was a little nervous about this reading. The Q is a rather advanced reader, and I felt privileged to be reading for her. I did very much wish to make a good impression.

1. Q's Significator.......... 10 of Swords
2. P's Significator.......... II of Wands
3. Foundation................ Princess of Pents(Rx)
4. Recent Past............... King of Pents Rx
5. Present Moment............ VI of Wands
6. Bar....................... V of Wands
7. Q's View.................. III of Swords Rx
8. P's View.................. II of Cups
9. Q's Expectations.......... V of Pents
10. P's Expectations......... VI of Cups
11. Outcome.................. XV of Trumps
..................I used the Gendron Tarot.

....6/5 The Cup of Relationships Spread.

I may be biased by what little I know of you ..snip.., but I understand your health is not all one would hope it to be, and that would seem to reflect in all the reversed Pens.

*Bias is of course a challenge to any reading. Whether you judge by, appearances, what is related in an email, or what you think you know about a friend or Acquaintance. Bias can always cloud a reading. That said, if you do actually know something to be true, in this case I knew the Q was wrestling with real health issues, that can help ground your reading, and give the reader confidence. So we know the Q is ill, we see it in the Princess of Pents Rx, She is ill now. In the 5 of Pents her expectation. She expects the struggle to continue. King of Pents? I thought so, Sometimes the same energy will reflect through two cards. That the King and on the Queen or Prince shows up is interesting and not to be overlooked. Yet I think he participates in this vibration of illness.

Your cards reflect a mental anguish, not only yourself as the 10 of Swords, but the 3 of Swords in you view and the V of Pens in your expectations. This spread speaks to diminished expectations on the part of the Q. Yet there is the 6 of Wands a beautiful card that speaks of life brought into a moment of profound balance. One of those moments when we truly glimpse the intent.

That energy is blocked in the present moment by the V of Wands, and above that the XV of Trumps The Deceiver in Melanie's deck. A pattern of cards that would point to the Q's internal conflict throwing her life out of balance. The mind magnifying ones problems.

*It is true that the Q is ill, however there is something to be said for the concept of dis-ease. If we look at the mental anguish reflected by the Q's cards. What energy she does have is not focused on getting well, but is feeding the shadows of her doubts. of course that cannot be good.

The Partners cards seem to reflect a calming influence in the Q's life. The II of Wands is another beautiful card as Mel has rendered her. She has the world in the palm of her hand an is calm and at peace with her intent. The II of Cups, speaks to someone who is committed to you, but the VI of Cups troubles me a little. It seems to point to a person who is committed to what was more than what is, a partner who wishes to recreate the past, rather than embrace the future. Which may be why the Deceiver comes up in the outcome.

*Actually no? I misinterpreted this part of the reading, as I will explain shortly.

The spread speaks to a relationship is in need of a good reality check. A mutually honest conversation about where each partner is, and expects too go in the relationship. I do think however that your partner very much still wants a future that includes you.
I hope this reading has been of some value.
Blessed Be Lady Q&&&,

*Now what I overlooked was this the Deceiver upright, is the deceiver exposed. The Q, Partner whoever sees through the deceiver and the shadow no longer has power over them. That being the case my reading of the 6 of cups was off, but what's the true reading then?

2 of Wands, 2 of Cups, 6 of Cups=10 The Wheel? no that makes no sense, the P. does not seem to be going anywhere. I dont see him riding the wheel right now. 8 of the 10 is cups so we have a powerful cups vibration. 10 of Cups fits like a glove. Now the P's cards makes sense. 2 of Cups, Him and the Q. 6 of Cups and children (family). He is still completely focused on his family. The disease his wife is battling has not brushed the gloss off the relationship for him. His expectation is to see her well, and have a loving family life with her.

*So I sent off the email, and did not hear from the Q for someday, and began to fret the reading had been a total bust. At last I got the most wonderful and glowing reply. The reading has given her the strength of heart to speak to her husband, and yes he was very much behind her. She had confronted her own fears, and her own inner deceiver, and she had prevailed.

I learned a few things too. I had not explored the numerology of the reading like I might have. I was a little intimidated by reading for a very advanced reader, and did not to run to long, overstate the "obvious" or have the reading to come off to hermetic. As a result, I did not give the Q. the best reading I might have given her. I stepped out of my normal game and I fumbled. Lesson learned - be true to your style, what ever your style is, no two readers have quite the same gift.

On the plus side me and the Q have become friends. I hope to meet her in person sometime if she comes through the Washington area, but I am happy to exchange posts now and again. I guess I fumbled close enough to the goal-line for her to carry it across. All in all it was a good reading.

Ama tu ANKI, BB.