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Princess of Swords

Why do we become readers, because we are curious if this Tarot thing really works, or if it does, will it work for me. How amazingly cool that must be to touch the energetic world. To see magick in action right before our eyes. To see a strangers life painted with a deck of cards. How cool that must be... and it truly is breathtaking still every time I read a spread.

Yet some reading's remind us of the awesome responsibility we take on as readers. For people will come to us, drawn by the magick, and bare their souls. Trust us with secrets they have shared no one else. Imagine your doing some "fun" readings for free at a local concert. The bands are basically unknowns, the music ranges from good to just loud. Your buddies are selling incense and candles, when a 14 Year old girl, who is thinking about leaving home sits down at your table needing your guidance.


Covers .......... Princess of Wands
Crossing ........ 10 of Wands
Foundation ...... 10 of Cups Rx
Past ............ III of Wands
Crown............ 2 of Wands
Rising .......... The Fool (0)

Your Energy ..... Princess of Swords
Your House....... King of Pents Rx
Your Heart ...... 9 of Swords
Outcome.......... Ace of Wands
........................... I used the Gendron Tarot.
Clarifying spread, Kg Cups Rx, 3 of Pents Rx, King of Pents

.4..2/1..6...9 ....Layout of the Celtic Cross.

Of course I did not know that just yet. I'm a Tarot reader not a Psychic. Im not Sylvia Browne, my gift is in the interpretation of symbols. What I could see right away was that a couple of my generation was causing her troubles. (The 10 of Cups Rx.) I could see she was greatly burdened. (10 of Wands), and struggling with a decision that involved a new beginning (the Fool in play) The 9 of Swords over her heart.

*The give and take of a live in person reading, gives a reading a much different character than the considered flow of a email reading. I prefer to tell the story, much as I see it for the Q. When I'm done with the "First Draft" as it where, they then can reply and speak to how the story does and does not fit their situation. Looking at the King of Pents Rx I said something about it representing a man with a dysfunctional relationship with money, and that I felt sure he was the man in the 10 of Cups, now the Q steps in...*

That's my mom's BF he just bought a new Harley, and we're barely making the rent as it is...

* and here I expected him to being overly tight a miser, not understanding the money a young lady needs to spend of friends and feeling attractive, but that pendulum swings both ways.*
Now the story unfolds as to how she had been staying with family over the summer, but the time was nearing to return home. This was placing a crushing burden on her young heart because she was debating staying on with her family here.

Now we see a lot more clearly the picture Innana has painted for us, and it could hardly be more elegant.
The 3 of Wands - Putting ones energy out into the world. Her current trip away from home.
The Princess of Wands. Represents her decision to stay, to strike out on her own, and leave her old life behind for good.
The Fool represents that new beginning if she embraces it.
While the 10 of Wands and 9 of Swords represent the burden and doubt that are just now blocking that decision.
The 10 of Cups Rx, represents the dysfunctional couple that waits for her at home.
While the 2 of Wands Represents the Life she Aspires too.

*Skeptics say that readers cold read their clients, then craft the reading to match what they have teased out of the client. Yet nothing was teased out of this young lady. It more came pouring out driven by an immense need for release, and when we look we see that every card falls just where it must, its a reading of immense elegance, a true gift from Innana. And now this precious child asks me, "What should I do?" Its such a simple question, and her young life is for a moment in my hands. If I read the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, stray from the true course just a little I could well ruin her life, for years to come.

Looking at this lovely young person, thinking of the wreck that awaits her back home, I have no doubt she should stay. We decide on a yes/no question should she stay put. I place my hands over the cards and invoke Innana, reshuffle the deck and lay out the spread, knowing what my lady will communicate through the cards.*

Kg Cups Rx, 3 of Pents Rx, King of Pents
*and of course, I'm wrong*
We know the King of Pents represents the BF, we see his energy saying yes stay away, your cramping my style. So the King of Cups? Her father I felt (and Rightly), he was not in a position to properly support her year round locally. The real clincher is the 3 of Pents Rx, and you really must look at the Art. We see a Father and son, sharing a joyous moment. The card speaks to those things fathers teach sons, but indirectly also of course the relationship between mothers and daughters. Taking the center, and primary position in the spread, it spoke clearly to the mothers need for her daughters support. Innana makes it clear they belong together. 14+14+3=31/4 The Emperor.

Now we can return to the original spread, and understand it completely, understand the meaning of the Princess of Swords as the Q's best energy. All the other cards so far tell us a very clear story, despite her misgivings, (9 of Swords, 10 of Wands) the Q is leaving home. (Fool, Ace of Wands.) Yet now we can see the two Princesses as representing her choices. The one is to leave, to follow the Princess of Wands and set out on the road. The other is to stand her ground. The Princess of Swords in this deck is fierce. Looking at her you see a woman strong in her purpose and unmovable. She is not toying with that sword. The Emperor vibration we see in the clarification spread fits her well. She has the iron determination of the Emperor, in a woman's heart. We also understand the young woman's Anxiety 9 of Swords. How the inner conflict between the two Princess's tore at her heart.

So I told her what I saw, believing she would likely return home. I know it was a difficult thing, and I did not send her down a path that lead to a bed of roses. I can only say for sure, Innana was with me. Certainly she saw the young ladies energy clearly, and blessed me with cards that presented no great challenge to "read" in there elegance. The challenge lay in putting aside my bias and honoring my guide. Yet it was not too great a challenge, surely she saw this clearly, and its my place as her reader to pass on what she tells me she sees. This is the heart of being a reader. The willingness to be an empty vessel an not color the gifts one is given, and for me to be a proper servant to a Great Lady.
Ama tu ANKI, BB.