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Princess of Swords

Hello again, :)
I honestly thought I had lost my notes for this reading and had about given up looking for it when I showed up again on its own. Lifes like that I guess. With Daph getting married in a few days, its actually a rather appropriate reading, and certainly one of my favorites amoung those I have cast this year.

Now my company has been doing an exchange between the Ground Station Staff (Me), and the Controllers, (Downtown) So that we can all wrap our heads around what the people on the other end of the phone do for a living. Its Managements way of helping all see the "Big Picutre". This is pretty much done during the day, when most new services are commissioned, and the Job is really at its most intense. So I come in for a night watch, and much to my suprise one of the controllers shows up to pull the watch with me. After we do the normal rounds of daily's and such, Im rooting through my bag, and put out my Tarot deck on the counter along with a half a dozen other items, trying to see better what Im looking for. ...


Covers .......... The Sun (19)
Crossing ........ 2 of Cups
Foundation ...... The Lovers (6)
Past ............ The Chariot
Crown............ 5 of Cups (R)
Rising .......... King of Swords

Your Energy ... Temperance (14)
Your House....... Prince of Swords
Your Heart ...... King of Swords
Outcome.......... 6 of Swords
........................... I used the Gendron Tarot.
.4..2/1..6...9 ....Layout of the Celtic Cross.

"You read the Cards?"

"Well I primarily use them as a meditative devise." (Actually True, and usually enough to end, this conversation at work.)

"But you can read the Cards?"

"Oh yea sure."

"I have a question if you dont mind."

So I tell the Controller to just hold his question in his mind, that I really dont need to know it before we begin, and Quietly do the invocation, and shuffle up the cards. Chattering as usual during a live reading. Explaining the ritual, largely gives the Left brain something "important" it can do allowing the right brain to receive intuitive knowledge.


Well looking at the spread, and I really believe you should. :) The very first thing that I say is, "There's not a young lady in the world who would not be thrilled for this spread."

It seems to me that first off we have at the core the 2 of Cups, a couple. And covering that that we have the Sun. Now the bar is usually a negative influence acting on the covering card, but this is definitely one of those time, when the reverse is true. Although it is true that men as a rule, have a harder time admitting they are in love to themselves than women. Any man with a certain amount of life experience knows, truly being in love, is like having rocket fuel in your blood. You feel perfectly aligned to your intent, and just know you can conquer the world. So its not surprising to see these Two cards = 21 the World, the card of perfect alignment. This describes how the Q is feeling in his present moment.

In the present moment line we also see the Lovers as the foundation, again speaking to the notion that the relationship signified by the 2 of Cups, is the most important thing in the Q's life right now. While the Aspiration: 5 of Cups Rx, is interesting. Mel Describes the 5 of Cups Rx as: Affinity, Hopeful Perspective, Reunion, in the LWB. Yes even BB peaks at the LWB once in a while. Not during live readings, but it just so happened that I had given another online reading that week, where the 5 of Cups Rx, had come up, and it meaning was fresh in my mind. Yet even if it had not, this card is not that hard to Grok in the reverse. As dark as the Shadows of Regret loom in the upright vision, that's how brightly hope and fulfillment shine in the Rx (Higher) vibration. So we have a wonderful present moment line. The Q is (IMHO) perfectly aligned to his intent.

Numerology. 21+6+5= 32/5 Hierophant. To an extent I think this is true. Our Intent certainly involves our Karma, and how we should approach our Karmic Lessons. So the Hierophant is in play, also as the Guardian of Traditions, but we will return to this thought.

32 3/2 Lets not forget that the Q is a man very much in love. His woman is on his mind alot and her energy is blended with his. So we see the Outer sensual woman. Empress, and the Inner woman Priestess, both very much tied to his present moment. Although I very much love the Empress, (I am a guy :) Its the Priestess, that speaks to a connection with the inner woman that will stand the tests of time.

Fading to Rising Line:
Now I think this group of cards paints a wonderful picture, and I invite you to pause a moment and envision them, before we proceed...

.. welcome back. :) Ok the card in the fading position is the Chariot, and we could not ask for a better card here. The chariot tells us the Q has mastered the first book of the Tarot. He has become the master of his own energy. By doing so he has taken responsibility for his life, and the energy the world reflects back at him.

On the flip side, this means that the Q is not coming into this relationship from a foundation of neediness. He is not looking for his relationship to fill a void he feels with-in himself. Which in all honesty is all to often true, and dooms many a relationship from the start.

The King of Cups (Hearts) is rising, and that speaks to a person accepting in him self a deep and abiding affection for a given person. I really like this card, it speaks to a few issues. For one its speaks to the Q remaining in command of his own energy, King 14 is a Multiple of 7 and so contains that vibration. 2. Because the King is a 14- he is tied to the Temperance card we see in play, and that speaks to compassion for others, an understanding he will need to make some compromises to make the relationship work. Vs say the Emperor. Which might speak to a man in command of his own energy yes, but too inflexible to blend his energy with another's. (Unless the Empress is in play. Empress 3 = Emperor 4= Chariot, and again a good match.) Finally he is not Say the King of Kt of Wands. Where I for one would wonder 1. Does the relationship have staying power, or while he burn up all the rocket fuel in one gulp. 2. Does He see her as some "Bling" to show off to his mates. Forget your Rolex or Gold Chains, a truly beautiful woman is the ultimate "Bling". The Q is not there however, he is coming from the best place he can be coming from IMHO.

So I think by now, you likely have a pretty good Idea just what the Question is that is hanging in our Q's mind:
So its Quite appropriate that his best energy is reflected in the 6 of Swords. One of the more important minors, because although it is a "minor" card it often speaks to life changing events. Especially positive ones. We would not want to see death here. The would indicate the Q mourning the death of his single self. (Oops did I say that. :) The 6 of Swords is perfect is speaks to the Q embracing this crossing whole heartedly.

The Q's house- Well its the Guidance of a trusted advisor, who sees these things clearly enough. I seldom show up in a spread, but I could not help but allow myself a little internal grin, and think, like your Tarot Reader!

His heart is covered by the Prince of Swords, and Its a lovely prince of Swords. Not Robins, hell for leather prince of swords riding into battle. Mel's prince of swords represents our inner poet, and perfectly fits this reading.

Outcome Temperance. The blending of Male and female energies, the completion of the 2nd book of the Tarot. Even as The Chariot is the first, and finding in oneself, a true ability to connect with others. The Fool has transcended the Harshness of Justice and found compassion. Notice we see the 11, 14 Progression in the cards of the staff as well. Now, remember we have the King of Cups in play. Two cards can reflect the same energy, and I believe this 14 echos that 14, and Its saying be the King of Cups.

Numerology: 6+14+11+14 = Hermit. Now you might think this is out of place, but its not really. The Q is obviously in a place of deep inner reflection, giving a life changing decision, the attention that it deserves.

Well thats pretty much it... The Q returned to his office the next day, and is once again a voice on the other end of the phone. Our work sites are almost 100 miles apart, so its not likely that I will be bumping into him in the breakroom.

Watching him sit in stunned silence, while I held his life up to Innana's X-Ray machine, anwsering the question he never stated out-loud. I had no doubt I had been blessed with accurate cards and that my reading was true to the mark. I would honestly be disappointed if I found out at some point that he did not go to a jewlers the next day. I told you the Hierophant was in play, the Guardian of Traditions, like Marriage. :) Yea know some days I do love my Job.

I look forward to your thoughts,
Ama tu ANKI, BB.